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How do I listen to my iPhone music in the car??

Asked by toolaura4ya (275points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I am looking for something like the adaptors that plug into the lighter of my car to listen to my iphone music. I plugged my phone into my friends adaptor and it said that my phone had to be on airplane mode. I just wonder if there is an adaptor where u can also receive calls as well.

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I dont thing there is. My aux chord that I normally plug in to listen to my iPod doesnt fit into my iPhone. I think I just need to buy a bigger chord? I’m not sure. I’m no help! :(

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use a line in cable

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iPhone audio out is different than on the iPod. I heard rumors of a Bluetooth workaround, though.

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there are three options I am awear of and have used: the first option is purchase a car steiro with an Aux plug in the front. Then by a cheap 6$ audio cord. Option two is purchase a specail “iPod” sterio which hooks into to wierd port at the bottom of the iPhone. The iPhone will say there is a “device connected” like if you plugged your phone into one of those sterio’s for an iPod. I don’t like that cause you can’t use the touch screen. The third option is purchase a “radio sterio head set” which is basically a really really exspensive blue-tooth head set to syncs with your car. You can listen to your music take all your call, right threw your car speakers. Now most modern sterio’s have an Aux plug in but most arn’t hooked up. I use the Aux plug in personaly. Oh one last thing, the Aux cable plugs in just like head-phones.

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where do I find this headset to sync Bluetooth

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Monster and Belkin make an adaptor plug that you plug into the iPhone which will allow you to use other headphones or in my car, I use a cassette audio in unit that you can buy for about 10 bucks. You might get some cell interference but it works well. You can get the adaptor plug at the Apple store or online. Hope this helps.

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agree with ovy. I have a belkin, its great cost me about $90. The only thing I do not like is that you have to have it on airplane mode. There for you can’t make or recieve calls,text.

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