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What is the word that describes "looking to nature to solve a problem?"?

Asked by warpling (841points) February 25th, 2010

I know such a word exists, but I don’t remember what it is! I am using it in the context of neural networking and how it is modeled after biological phenomena.

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Something like “organic solution” or organically determined”? I can’t think of just one word that means that.

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Thanks, that’s pretty good, but there is a single word too I believe

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Sure thing :)

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Oh cool – that’s a neat word.

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New word for me, too, @lilikoi. Lurve for you. How is it that you happen to know that word?

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Look ma!! I learned a new word!! Biomimicry! Now maybe I can find a way for the laundry to fold itself or at least be wrinkle free!

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