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What would happen if my house stopped existing in time? (Sciencey question)

Asked by ninjacolin (14224points) February 25th, 2010

So… my house exists monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday.. causally, according to the time-line of the universe

but then suddenly at 12:01am on friday.. POP! my house along with all the particles it was comprised of stop existing in time. They still exists historically, so we can talk about it and wonder about it. But.. what happens to the universe as we know it?

Recap: We HAD a house but suddenly, we have a house-shaped hole in reality every second moving forward. Particles are literally missing from the universe.

Would the neighborhood, be vacuumed in to fill the space?
Will the entire universe be vacuumed in by H amount of volume?
Would this be a black hole?

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It was demolished to make way for a galactic highway.
The other answer is, it has changed into other forms. No matter can leave, or enter the universe. Same goes for energy. Matter is energy.

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It’s still there,it’s just resonating at a different frequency than the rest of the known universe,putting it slightly out of phaze,kinda like disco.Gosh!

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Is Sciencey a word???

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it means.. “kinda like science but kinda sci-fi”

if it helps any.. let’s assume “God” came along and took the house and all the particles away himself, just to spite me for asking the question in the first place. his words were: “ha, this is what you get for asking silly questions, deal with it!”

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So you’re saying particles are missing from the universe. Not just time. So the whole time thing doesn’t really matter.

In that case, I think a bunch of air would whoosh in where there suddenly isn’t anything.

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air particles would woosh in.. displacing what?

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The temporary vacuum left by the materials that were standing there?

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WRONG ANSWER!! now your house is gone too!
just kidding, i have no idea what the answer is

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I think it would be similar to you having a fish bowl with a castle in it. Yank the castle out real quick. What happened?

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Oh, well in that case, it’s just a hypothetical hole in the universe.

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Now, if the house were yanked out of time but not the other dimensions… That would be a whole other ball of dark matter.

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I’d say you need to lay off the pot, haha.

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Thumbs up on the hitchhiker references.

If the particles ceased to exist, then they would cease to exist in time too. In that case, you would simply leave a vacuum. This vacuum would be filled by whatever matter surrounded it, and that would be it. Not very exciting if you ask me. A black hole isn’t formed by the absence of material, just look at the imagination defying expanses of space, most of which is entirely benign if inhospitable. A black hole is formed by lots of matter being packed into a very small space. Causing matter to not exist would not have this effect.

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You’ve got to build bypasses.

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I’m more interested in the idea that time might stop for something. How would other particles react to it? Could you observe it? It seems as though there would have to be a hole in the universe at that point.

We think photons don’t experience time, but they still interact with things. They travel at the speed of light. Would we have to assume that the house is traveling at the speed of light for time to stop for it? Could that mean that time is simply what objects experience when not traveling at the speed of light?

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Some wind, probably, as air rushed to fill the space left by the house.

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“Now, if the house were yanked out of time but not the other dimensions… That would be a whole other ball of dark matter.”

that’s exactly the case i was trying to illustrate. the house and all the particles were removed (not necessarily “yanked”, more like.. “poofed!”) off of time.

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If some matter didn’t exist in time…..would it still gravitate? If other physical interactions didn’t happen, could it still possibly have mass and gravity? This would be an interesting explanation of dark matter (thanks for the push mrentropy).

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You better eat your peanuts and drink your beer. Don’t forget to take your towel.

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Yay Zathura!!

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Your house would still be there. It would just be in a different dimention.

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When you watch your house touching the event horizon of a black hole, exactly this would happen. Time would freeze. From the perspective of the house everything else including you would move in fast motion. Our whole galaxy spinning around in a split second.

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“s Sciencey a word???”

Yes it is. That sandwich was very “Sciencey.”

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@ChazMaz ,a sandwich can “taste” sciency, and it can “look” sciency, but it cannot, of itself. actually possess the attributes of sciency-ness.

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You have never eaten one of my sandwiches, and, I was referring to taste. ;-)

Besides why can’t it? Science is a process. As is the construction of a sandwich. It so intricate and complex becoming scientific or “Sciencey.”.

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@Trillian you’re getting me started again, you know.

I have been sciencing sandwiches for many years. I hope to publish soon, after some peer review. Right now I’m searching for peers…

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i’ll have a sandwhich.

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hey, maybe it’d be a higgs boson?

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