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How to have hard core self discipline?

Asked by freckles (363points) February 25th, 2010

Do you know of any blogs, articles, etc, that talk about getting some serious self-discipline? I’m not talking about just enough to get by and make you self do your homework when you need to. I mean making a plan of exactly what you want to do and following it even if you feel like crap and have no desire to do so at the moment.

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You could join the military…

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for getting organized and getting your shit together, i’d suggest 43folders, Zen Habits, and Lifehacker.

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You won’t find it in a book or on a website…self discipline comes from within or you end up paying some trainer at a bootcamp to KYA into gear.

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Behavioral therapy. Changing the way you do things, and how you reward yourself for doing things. It’s not everything, but there are reward mechanisms in your brain that help a great deal once you learn how to make use of them.

A cognitive solution is to get in touch with what motivates you, what is close to your wants and needs. Then align your plans and actions toward that direction. Should give you extra motivation.

As a response to the post +1 from mine. I would generally agree that our own limitations hold us back from our goals and that – if you really think you can do something, you can generally do it. But the environment and situational factors always have an effect. So your statement could easily backfire and lead to esteem issues – aka, everyone else can do what they put forth, why can’t I? It’s not always the individual or effort.

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It comes from the desire of the outcome overriding the pain of the journey to get there. If you want something bad enough, you’ll get it, no matter what it takes.

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Join the Marine Corp…I hear tha helps ;)

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To start you off, I think that the first step before you try websites and books, is just being able to commit yourself to strict self discipline. If you are really determined to do this, then the first step before you put yourself to extremes is actually knowing what it is, how you plan on doing it, and being able to start without succumbing into distractions and interference. Then, you can go to the military, you can read books, you and whatever you want, just get the picture before you decide to master it.

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The Military can always help but for the most part just train your mind. There are no blogs or books that will help you become more disciplined it is all on you and in you.

Along with the military, joining a sport or job where others are dependent on you can help you become more disciplined. When you have to worry about the sake of others you are usually less likely to wuss out and you build a stronger “spine”.

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I think it’s funny that people are responding with “join the military”...I remember the most self discipline I have ever had was when I was TRAINING my self TO join the military. I had a goal ahead, i.e. a date I was to leave for bootcamp, and I knew that by that time I had to be at a certain fitness level.

It’s all about setting realistic goals and deadlines for yourself and working up to those, then setting the bar a little higher. Eventually, you will no longer be competing with an image in your mind you have of someone else who is more disciplined, in better shape, or more intelligent. Whatever is your ultimate vision, eventually if you can separate the pieces of what it will take to get there into attainable levels for yourself, it will come to the point where you will have surpassed those around you and you end up only competing with yourself. Setting a new high that is YOUR best and not someone elses.

That should be your carrot. Finding out what you are made of.

For me, I got on the elliptical twice a day, and had this picture in my mind of all the other trainees running behind me, trying to pass me. So I pound the hell out of that thing. Gradually increasing the resistance, gradually increasing the time on the machine. When it hurt, I got angry and pounded harder.

Get mad, and force yourself to do OTHER things you don’t want to so that the little things you need to do to reach your goal won’t seem like so much to ask.

I know my response is more geared towards fitness, and might not be applicable, and I apologize for that. You can do whatever you set your mind to do. Write down the pros and cons and be honest with yourself. Identify exactly what you want. Good luck!

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Identifying your strengths. Engaging in activities involving the use of your strengths. Learning delayed gratification. Enduring the tasks you don’t like (there will always be a few).

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