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Will long term use of earbud headphones give you ear calluses?

Asked by buster (10274points) February 25th, 2010

I just got with the modern world and got an ipod. After wearing the earbuds that come with it my ears are sore. Will I get used to this? Will it callus my inner ear?

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I can’t get them to stay in long enough to give me anything.

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I don’t know. I have headphone issues. I can never find the right ones.

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They hurt me also. I’m thinking of getting the in-ear ones… hopefully they won’t be as painful to wear.

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I have a small callus inside right ear from wearing an in-ear hearing aid when I am out. So it is certainly possible.

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Sounds very uncaring of you, @gailcalled.

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@janbb. I care; I just can’t hear.

(Battening down for more snow.)

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Tell Milo my cold is nearly gone; is he still up for that island get-away?

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Milo here; Sadly the weather conditions have made the long driveway useable only by Nanook of the North and his dog sled team. Gail thought she was a goner today, trying to get up the hill and home. So no one’s going anywhere for the next several days.

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Gaaahh, I hate earbuds! I don’t wear them because they make one ear sore and they just fall out of the other. I can’t remember which ear does what, but they’re so much a pain in the butt that I just don’t use them.

To answer your question, I’m not sure that they would make a true “callus” unless they were rubbing a lot. If they’re just sore from something being in there that isn’t shaped like your ear (stretching and poking, sort of like nose rests on glasses) then, you may still get used to it. I wear headbands sometimes and they pinch right behind my ear and it gets sore. Sometimes I get used to it though. Same thing when I wore glasses. I never got a callus, but I was mostly used to it, still getting somewhat sore from time to time.

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If yours wear out, you can have mine. They’ve never been used. The model I have is these. They’re on-the-ear types with a loop that goes over your head, not one of those idiotic things that are made for Hip-hoppers who can’t go out without a baseball cap. I’m wearing them right now, and will be all day.

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In the ear styles of earphones are also generically sized, so they may be uncomfortable for some. Custom-molded tips can be made for most in-ear style devices, including Bluetooth headsets.

@Gailcalled: You wear a custom in-the-ear aid? That can be buffed down for a better fit. There’s no reason that you should have a callus from your aid!

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I hate those things.

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