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What are you going to be using them for? How important is the quality to you? Do you have $117 to spend on headphones? Details, details—we can’t help without knowing your needs.

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@petethepothead 1. Casual listening 2. Pretty darn 3. Yes, but I don’t want to part with it unless its truly worth it.

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I’d go with the cheaper ones. They are just headphones anyways right?

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I would go with the cheaper ones as well. The difference probably isn’t worth it for casual listening, though the more expensive ones do look like they’re better.

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@petethepothead Yeah, but I don’t want to regret this decision.

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The cheaper ones you mentioned are “noise isloating,” and the other ones are “noise cancelling.” I’m not an expert on headphones, but this article the difference. Hope that helps.

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@petethepothead I know the difference, noise isolation is a reduction of decibels, and noise canceling uses a microphone to transmit an alternate wavelength.

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25$ isn’t a huge mistake. I spent that buying a girl at the bar drinks the other night.

Buy the cheap ones. They will probably be fine. If they suck get the better ones. If they are horrible I will buy you drinks. (but I expect sex)

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I’d say the triple-fi 5s as they are superb sounding phones but not the best build quality. I’d get Shure SE 530 instead as they are the best money can buy and are acoustically brilliant. I have these, but I also just got some Image X10’s and believe me they are outstanding.

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Ugh, I guess I’m chipping in $117, I don’t want to get screwed out of $25 to regret not going high-end.

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