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When is Apple going to release the in-ear headphones announced September 9?

Asked by fortune425 (58points) October 18th, 2008

Apple said they were going to be releasing new in-ear headphones when they announced the latest line of iPods. Over a month later, the web page for the headphones still says “Coming Soon”.

Any clues on when they might actually be released?

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I believe it was october the 20-something th. But don’t hold me to that. The 24th rings a bell. Might of been Novemeber actually.

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just looked it up. definitely October some time. So hopefully soon.

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Definitely October, eh? It’s November 10.

Why would Apple pre-announce headphones and then not release them for 2 months?

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Dont shoot me, i’m just the messenger, its what their site says.

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According to MacRumors the new in-ear headphones will be shipping “soon”.

I spoke to an Apple sales rep on the phone who hinted that I should check the website after Thanksgiving.

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I have these phones. I love them. They fit in my ear much more securely than the standard buds. They are also much more effective at sealing in bass and sealing out noise.

Remote is fully compatible with 3G-S too.

And they’re two way, how cool is that?

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