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What is the weather like in greece during the summer?

Asked by courtneeRAWR (53points) February 26th, 2010

need a good place for a holiday in europe

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Hmm I have never been to Greece but I heard that it has nice weather!!!! But I think that Hungary is better!!!

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Check this out:

Greece’s climate varies according to region. The southern and central portions of the country experience the traditional Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The continental climate of northern Greece is marked by colder winters. There is also considerable regional variation in annual rainfall, with areas to the west of the Pindus Mountains receiving far more rain than those to the east.

We spent our summer vacations on Santorini in 2008. We never saw a single cloud. It was wonderful.

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It’s hot, hot, hot.

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I want to know, too!!!! Humid hot or just hot hot?

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It is hot, but dry. Expect to drink a lot of water and wear a hat, but other than that its OK. What is best, though, is to take a nap during the really hot part of the day (1pm->4pm) and then stay up ‘til all hours. Thats what all the locals do.

Remember, Greece is just a small sea away from northern Africa. It’s a pretty arid, dry place, especially the southern part (Sparta and the like).

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Very dry. Not humid at all. Wonderful really.

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Greece is hot and dry in the summer. I went there on a Meditterranean cruise once. It’s excellent. The water is beautiful and nice, the weather is nice, blue skies, warmth, that’s typical of the Meditterranean summers. Greece is an excellent place to visit during the summer.

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