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What is better than fresh brewed iced tea, unsweetened, on a hot day?

Asked by Kardamom (33154points) July 24th, 2014

It’s really hot today, and so far, I’ve had 3 glasses of unsweetened ice tea. I’m about go for a forth.

What do you guys like to drink, or eat, on a hot day?

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The caffeine may keep you up all night but man, do I ever agree with you! I drink gallons of the stuff in summer.

@Kardamom. did you ever make Sun Tea? It’s great.

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I love ice tea, but mine has to be sweetened. I also love treating myself to milkshakes. We make our own milkshakes at home with different flavor combinations. My favorite is chocolate and peanut butter.

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I prefer cold chai tea, made by myself. I sweeten it just a little.

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@Pachy I’ve never made sun tea. I think I’m just too impatient. When I need iced tea, I need it right away, lest I should melt away, gone in a hot flash, as they say, but since you mentioned it, I would like to give it a try.

@Seaofclouds Mmmmmm milkshakes. About a month ago, when it was even hotter than it is now (how that is possible I do not know, but it was) I found out that there was a Fosters Freeze, so I got myself a chocolate malt.

@snowberry Oh yeah, a cold chai latte! That sounds splendid!

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I’ve been drinking unsweetened ice tea since early this morning; glass after large glass. I wish myself good luck falling asleep tonight!

I buy my teabags at Trader Joe’s. I take one bag of mango and one bag of Irish, and I let them both steep in an oversized mug for about 8 minutes. Pour the results over ice; pure heaven!

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Iced water with a squeezed lemon half dropped in.

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Mcallan 12 year, no ice.

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Sweetened iced tea, for me. Hot tea in winter.

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Because I had consumed so much iced tea today, I was talking on the phone with a friend, and I had to excuse myself, lest I burst.

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cold water

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Iced tea sweetened with a 1/6 measure of cranberry juice, and lemon juice to suit.

I drink about a gallon of iced tea every day of the year, and have two more chillin’ in the door of the fridge whenever I mix one up. Since there’s no rush to brew, I make sun-like tea: a three-quart container of the hottest water I can run from the tap and three regular-size bags. I leave it on the counter for a day or so before it goes to the fridge.

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@Kardamom, Sun Tea is meant to be made in large quantities and kept in the fridge.

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I’m going to add to my previous response: a home-made frozen cranberry juice popsicle can sure hit the spot. One just did.

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@CWOTUS Which spot?

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It’s a proverbial spot. I don’t mention it.

Don’t mention it.

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For some strange reason (because I am strange), I love hot tea on a summers day. Hot tea on any day does me fine. Got any good iced tea recipes @Kardamom ?

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@LornaLove I’m afraid not. I just take about 6 tea bags of Earl Grey tea and steep them in hot water for about 3 minutes, then add that to a pitcher of ice and cold water. I’ve been doing that every day for months on end. It’s been really hot here, for a really long time.

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I love tea but on a hot day, I often just want a big glass of water with perhaps a slice or two of lemon or lime and lots of ice.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Oh I just thought of something else that’s really refreshing on a hot day.

Cucumber Lime Mint Water. My cousin served this at a party and it was so simple, yet so perfect.

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Cold water, with a straw, as I have sensitive teeth!

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