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Looking for website about the Klondike Gold Rush?

Asked by Qwertymuffin411 (550points) February 26th, 2010

Looking for a website(s) that tells what life was like during it in Alaska/Canada (on the way there), about the trails (Chilkoot and White Pass) and incidents on them, statistics, etc. Please no Wikipedia..
Thanks so much!

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I wonder how much effort the questioner invested before asking for help?

Can anybody type Google anymore?

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@Dr Lawrence
I did, most of it was about people’s hikes over the last couple of years or so, and there was also a lot of the same information on each website I looked at, and not one site in particular had a lot of the information I needed. I probably looked at 20 or 25 different sites. I’ve found out that sometimes other people discover helpful websites that for some reason I haven’t.

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