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Is anyone not lost on Lost?

Asked by bobisho (178points) February 26th, 2010

I tried to watch the ABC show Lost, but I gave up because it was confusing, does anybody understand it anymore?

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I’ve never seen it – I plan to, eventually. There are, however, analysis forums online that can help you out and I’m sure there is a Lost Wiki out there that can maybe simplify things for you.

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Yes, I understand it. It isn’t a show you can just start watching randomly in the middle of a season. You have to have started watching from the beginning or from the beginning of season 2. (I started with the beginning of season 2 and saw season 1 on DVD later).

Since then, I’ve seen every episode of Seasons 2–5 twice. I don’t want to brag but I know pretty much everything there is to know about Lost. I should be able to answer any Lost-related question you might have. :)

This site also really helps me when I find myself confused or wanting more info:

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No, I am lost – I can’t follow it.

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Yep. But it requires seeing every episode in order to fully grasp. You also have to accept that there are some questions they have not addressed yet, and just be patient. It’s my favorite TV show. I love the fact that it isn’t completely straightforward, and requires some thought and attention to details to understand. If I wanted mindless entertainment, I’d watch some crappy reality show on MTV.

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Well that’s the whole point isn’t it? They want you to be confused so that you keep watching until they slowly tell you what’s really going on. I’m actually still intrigued by it and can’t wait until the season finale.

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I follow it, but that’s not to say I understand everything. Not everything has been resolved or revealed yet. But, I stick with the story line and generally know what’s going on. Like @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities said, you really have to watch every single solitary episode, from the beginning.

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It’s the only show my husband and I are watching right now. I can follow it, but I can’t explain it or predict what will happen next.

However, I can fully grasp the subtleties of Sawyer taking his shirt off. Hubba hubba.

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No, and if you think you understand, even if you’ve watched every single episode, then you’re fooling yourself. But if you like the show, that’s part of the fun of it.

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I watched the first season or so. But then my mom decided it wasn’t appropriate, which I guess I kinda agree with…Anyway, yeah. If I had watched it all the way through, with somebody explaining it to me, then it would probably be pretty fun watching it.

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@ChocolateReigns why did she decide it was inappropriate?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Well….It was Lost, and I was about 8 or 9 at the time and my sister was 3 or 4….

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I could give 2 flying ____ about Lost.

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I love it. We have ‘Lost’ night, beer and pizza. We watched season 5 in january and we’re still kind of lost. That’s the fun of it. Especially nowadays, to say, “I did not see that coming!”.

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Actually during lunch ladies were talking about this. A lady said she doesn’t think the writers meant for people to be lost while watching lost. Anyways she said at 8pm (I think on Tuesdays- although I could be wrong) they replay the episode from the week before with little pop-ups actually explaining that is going on. She said this is very helpful and explains things you might have been confused about.

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In a way, it reminds me a little of the X-Files. It got so twisted at the end, you wonder if even the writers know what they’re doing.

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I understand what is going on because I don’t questions things like everyone else does. When something happens, I think about it and then accept what has happened. Therefor, I don’t feel “Lost”. I also have some great friends that I can talk to about it, we help each other understand things. My mom has watched every episode and doesn’t understand it like I do. You just have to be able to comprehend things.

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You pretty much have to watch it from the beginning. Otherwise, you will just be way too confused not to mention it won’t be nearly as rewarding….

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@jeffgoldblooms privatefacilities; Hey! My son just had his second call back audition for a crappy MTV reality show! If he gets it I hope you will watch!

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