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Who Thinks The iPhone is Awesome

Asked by Beat170 (28points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone

say yes if you think the iPhone is awesome

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Copy and Paste are needed to get into the awesome category.

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its like a lover… Wonderful in so many ways but it has its flaws.

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I agree….. Copy and paste feature would be awsome. So is the flash player, but we have utube. I’m attached to my mine 24/7

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I think the only person who doesn’t think it’s awesome is Steve Balmer.

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I also think it is not awesome.
Nokia is beter. (I use them both)

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I love mine!!! My bff 4-eva

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yeah iPhone is the shit!!!!!

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It is ok but run to slow

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SMS and text prediction is a PIA if you use different language. Other than that its awesome

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Whoever doesn’t like iPhone sucks. iPhone completes me. We’re married.

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i love my iphone!

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Great phone and more!!!

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I gave it its own room. Our son sleeps outside.

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