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Legal size requirements for type on alcoholic beverage product label?

Asked by amazon_77 (46points) February 27th, 2010

Are there any legal size requirements or restrictions for type used on alcoholic beverage product labels sold in Australia? If there are does anyone know of any?

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There are in the U.S., and Australian wines are sold here, so I assume there are similar requirements.
Contact your liquor control commission, or any commercial printer who regularly prints wine labels, for this information. Or, ask a designer who produces labels in your area. If you tell them it is for a school assignment, and not for competition, they will help you. You did say in an another question that this was for an assignment, correct?

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Yeah I have emailed a few people and graphic designers and label printing places but they either just don’t reply or give me useless info or palm me off to some other company that yet again doesn’t reply etc…...From my own research I would imagine that certain text would have to be legible.The alcohol content volume has to be displayed in a san serif typeface and has to be 3mm high I think? Also I have a feeling that it is illegal for want of a better word to display the ingredients????

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They have to legible for a person with normal eyesight. That means different fonts and sizes depending on the font colour and the background.

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I wish I could remember the specs for this! There are, indeed rules governing the font, point size and placement of the informatio required by the government/regulating agency.
Perhaps, if you went to these people in person? Emails are just an intrusion for some busy people, but it is very hard to ignore, or be rude to a young person who takes the time to approach them.
Your best source would be the agency responsible for these regulations. I would go to a local winery and ask them who handles this. Be persistant. Someone will either give you information, or point you toward one who will.

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