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I need an interesting pattern to decorate my room with, can you help?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21670points) February 28th, 2010

I have just painted my room white, and now the paint is dry i would like to add some kind of border or interesting pattern.

i have:

- a pot of brown paint
– a roll of masking tape
– a pencil
– a tape measure
– a spirit level

i would be very interested to hear any ideas you have on how i could decorate one or all of my walls with this. i would also be interested in any pictures you can link me to with simple patterns or designs that i could pencil on to my wall and then fill in.


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You can do some cool stuff.

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Do you have any unwanted computer discs? You could paint random large circles on the wall, and glue a computer disc in the center of each one, then brown paint in the center of the disc, or freehand sunburst instead of circles.

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@johnpowell @ragingloli—Who didn’t see the words a pot of brown paint and simple in the details?

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You can just do the hello kitty outlines with the paint and hello kitty is simple enough.

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If you just painted your room white, and you have brown paint, then essentially you have white, brown and any shade that you can make by adding some brown to white. Try a basketweave pattern. You can add pattern to the squares by applying paint with a sponge, plastic wrap, or a smaller brush to create a pattern within the squares.

You could also duplicate a mosaic effect by putting little pieces of tape on the wall, then brushing over the gaps with brown paint. Don’t roller over; you want to be able to get the tape off.

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You could cut a stencil and make a repeating border pattern. We’ve done this in several rooms using two or three color stencil sets. There’s no reason you can’t do it in one color though. If you had some green paint you could do a vine pattern.

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There are also the old New England-in-the-17th-century solutions. Cut an apple or potato in half, dip in brown paint and use as a stencil. Dab on walls. Ditto for the hand prints of the people you live with. Or try sponging (natural sea sponge only) or combing for a nice, mottled or ripple effect.

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I’ve always wanted to cover a whole room in Hebrew phrases. The letters just look really awesome.

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I vote for an earth-tone argyle accent wall.

The only problems with doing this is how much brown paint do you have to mix with leftover white to create a few more shades and manage to cover enough surface? Also, masking tape will lift paint off and the adhesive residue will turn yellow over time, use painter’s tape instead.

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This will no doubt sound weird, but I always thought it would be cool to have a scene on one of the parallel walls that continued onto the other one. You could, for example have a forest with a stream coming down a slope on one wall and the stream emptying out into a lake on the other wall. It would definitely catch people’s attention.

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You could use large abstract patterns along the “blank canvas” You could find circular things around the house and trace them out with the pencil, then paint them in with different patterns from the brown paint. Or you could use the ruler and draw stripes or lines going in different places. Good luck!

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What room is this, and what kind of furniture are going in it?

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@PandoraBoxx I love the basketweave idea.

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have you tried to use the scotch tape to mark off places to make patterns then paint around it and then remove the tape and wallah there you have it. :)

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