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Why did "500 Days of Summer" get good reviews?

Asked by cockswain (15269points) February 28th, 2010

This movie was recommended to me, and I checked it out on Rotten Tomatoes (86%). Apparently this movie appeals to a lot of people, yet my wife and I found it totally boring and cliche. Can someone offer an explanation of what you like about this movie?

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Zooey Deschanel.

Plus it’s a bit more real than other romantic movies. I found it easier to relate to. The writers used their own experiences to write the movie, and it’s pretty easy to tell. It’s not your average cookie-cutter boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl comes back and they are happy forever movie. It’s adorable when it’s not making you depressed.

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It was sbsolutely not cliche. It was sweet and sad and had a great soundtrack.

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It was cute. I thought it was pretty different than most romantic comedies. It was dark. And, like @tinyfaery said, it had a fantastically fun soundtrack.

I would compare it to Garden State. If you liked that movie, you’ll probably like this one.

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Cmon, like you couldn’t tell he was going to become an architect? And his outburst during a business meeting because he was still depressed? I’ve seen that scene in nearly every movie of this genre. I found the male lead boring, and the female lead overly quirky. She wouldn’t mention she was seeing someone while they were dancing at the wedding? Was it really such a big deal that him seeing her apartment and telling him stories about her life was “letting him into her private world”? Cmon.

Sorry, for ranting, I was just really disappointed. I’ll admit I laughed a few times, and I liked the split screen when he went to her party with his expectations vs reality. But overall I was bored and waiting for some sort of moment that would redeem the film.

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and American Beauty were terrific. I loved those characters.

“What’s your name?”

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Chacun a son gout. I enjoyed it, although I can understand why you found those scenes cliched. For the most part, I found the characters very appealing and the insecurities in the relationship realistic. I also liked the pacing and the way it was made. If anything, I thought it was underrated by the critics. A sweet little movie.

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The characters were real unlike most “romantic comedies” and other such films. They were relate-able and actually had people in the theaters taking sides with one or the other. You felt sorry for one character or anger towards another. A movie that makes you actually feel something is a great move in my book.

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@Dr_C Even if that feeling is irritation or boredom? Just kidding, your point is well taken.

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@cockswain irritation yes… boredom is more subjective. I was very irritated at Zoe Deschanel’s character… that kinda made me get more into the story!

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Those who enjoyed this movie may perhaps like “Happy-Go-Lucky.” That was also critically acclaimed but I found the main character very irritating. It does have one great character in a driving instructor played by Eddie Marsden. You may love it.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this film, but I don’t like the though of being boxed into the “happy-go-lucky” category. I found it far more realistic than the usual rom-com’s. The soundtrack was excellent. It was quirky, which I like. I als liked that it was told from the male’s perspective for the most-part.

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I think it got good reviews because it tells a very important lesson of life which is not present in every movie:“Life goes on whatever happens,life sucks,sometimes it can be good but it won’t last” and so on I don’t know very much movies which tells that.
O and of course it hand a very very good soundtrack

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