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Do you think the top critics of Rotten Tomatoes are too critical in their movie reviews?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 26th, 2016
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I’ve never read any Rotten Tomatoes reviews. I see the rating system used on TV but never read the reviews.

@NerdyKeith: Do you have any particular examples you’d like to point out or link?

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@jca I actually editing my question shortly after it was posted, but due to a small glitch the information seems to not have submitted.

In any case, here is one of the reviews that I think was possibly a little to nitpicky

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I haven’t seen this film, but that’s mostly because I’m utterly sick of the superhero genre.

Coming from a Certified Nerd™ that should mean something.

I’m sick of remake after endless remake. I’m sick of feature films that seem like overblown TV episodes at best and like 90-minute trailers for the sequel at worst.

I’m sick of CGI. I’m sick of watching people who made fun of me for reading comic books in junior high argue about EU canon like they didn’t just read that shit on Wikipedia.

Most of all, I’m sick and tired of all the whining. Wah, there are too many girls. Wah, there aren’t enough girls. Wah, the girls that are there are over sexualized. Wah, they’re ruining the T&A appeal with feminism.

Can everyone shut the fuck up for five minutes and remember you’re watching people in tights beat up drug dealing clowns?

It’s not that damned serious.

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Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t critique movies; it’s a website that compiles and posts reviews from throughout the media. If a film gets some harsh treatment, that’s because the general response has been negative.

Personally, I do read reviews, but only from mainstream media. If I find something from the New York Times or National Public Radio, I’ll read and give it some consideration. I bypass all the internet bloggers.

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Oh, the BvS debacle.
Listen, it was not just critics that slammed this movie.
Fervent DC Fans did as well.
And judging by the, let us call it “underwhelming”, box office performance, so did the general audience.

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Damn @Seek

You took the words right out of my mouth.


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I never listen to critics or even friends’ opinions on films, for I am a man who walks his own path & that path is windy & hilly, bordered by green fields laden with moo cows & sheeps & horseys

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Personally I prefer META CRITIC over RT, but I think that has also to do with UI.

In any case, I don’t read users reviews. I stick to professional critics whose reputation and opinions I respect. I really really miss both Siskel and Ebert; the gold standard as far as I’m concerned. Even if I didn’t agree with their opinion after watching the movie, it was an informed opinion.

So, it’s not necessarily RT which is being too critical since they are merely an aggregator.

And I don’t really care about BVS at all, so whatever criticism it gets is likely deserved.

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@Buttonstc Ah interesting, I’ve not heard of Meta Critic before. Perhaps I should check them out sometime. Generally I’ll go to see whatever movies I want. But it’s still not a bad idea to hear the perspectives of others.

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I think it has a cleaner interface and each critic and for whom they write is clearly headlined. This enables me to easily find the reviews of the critics whom I find most knowledgeable.

The RT interface is a bit more jumbled and random. However, over time I’ve found that on most movies, their overall rankings are fairly similar. But I just prefer MC.

The splatty tomatoes look cute but are really more of a gimmick and the overall look of the site is more of a hindrance than a help.

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I never read Rotten Tomatoes. I think for myself, so I do not allow any critics to think for me. I never agree with critics. If they praise a movie, I am almost certain to hate it. H.L. Mencken said long ago that having movie critics was a bad idea, and I agree with him. it is appalling to see so many people on such websites as this one mindlessly repeating whatever a critic has said. The media has many puppets in all areas of life.

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