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What can you do to bring your self esteem higher?

Asked by irocktheworld (2119points) March 1st, 2010 I have to admit,I have low self esteem.I get teased alot.From girls,boys,groups,it’s so stupid! Even random people I don’t know pick on me! Don’t they know that it hurts? Alot? Anyways,I’m very insecure.How do I make myself feel better about who I am? I want to beat them up..but I’m too scared to.There’s this one guy who always yells my name at lunch and I turn to him and he’d start making fun of me in front of my face and laugh with his friends.Ugh,I know I should ignore them and not care but it really does hurt.I’ve never really felt pretty as much.All my friends say I’m beautiful and pretty but I don’t see it.Can I stop this?

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Do things that make you feel good about yourself. Volunteer for a charity, find ways to help people. Take up a hobby that you feel that you can both enjoy and be good at. Try to meet new people, form new friendships.

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Consider getting the book “Self Parenting,:” which can help with your self esteem.

Boys that are yelling your name at lunch are doing it because they think you are cute.

Teasing is directly the result of you responding to it. I know it is difficult not to, but practice in front of the mirror at home. Do the teasing and then give a flip answer to it. Practice until you can do it without reacting. Also, don;t turn around when the boy yells your name at lunch.

Evaluate your looks as if you were your friend. I bet you won’t be so harsh with yourself.

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