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Is it bad if I cry to a song?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5957points) August 5th, 2011

I was looking up the lyrics to Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine because I absolutely love that song and her.

As I was reading the lyrics, I really understood what the song meant, and I started crying. I cried because it was talking about being left alone in the dark by someone you love, which is what my father basically did. I haven’t seen him in almost 4 years. But he divorced my mom when I was 3 and I rarely saw him in between then.

Is it bad that I cried to it? Because I don’t normally cry to an Aerosmith song.

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Oh honey. Of course it’s not bad. It’s a real feeling for something really bad that happened. When people are abandoned by their fathers it generally messes them up pretty seriously. You deserve a good cry about that. You’re going to be working on that for a long time.

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Not at all, it shows you have healthy emotions, I think.

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Of course not. It’s probably good actually.

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A little cheesy, but you’re not the only one :)

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I have several songs I will cry to no matter how hard I try not to. I think it’s the connection between the song’s lyrics and whatever experience you link it to. One song that gets me is Alabama’s Angels Among Us for many reasons—I worked for Alabama for a while and know the bandmembers personally. They are wonderful guys. Also I was a single mom when the song came out in 1993— my son was 1½ years old. We were living in Fort Payne, AL, and would not have made it through so many moments without ‘angels.’ I find that’s still true today, for different reasons and situations! a secret, Auggie and Bellatrix are angels incognito!

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I do it all the time.

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It’s fine, you’re human. Cried once to Elton John’s This Is My Song as a teenager. Check it out

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I cry about songs all the time, all kinds of songs.

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It’s normal.

In before the people who say it’s only normal if you’re 13.

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It’s fine, just don’t turn your tears into laughs.

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You can relate to the song. Nothing bad about that. Other songs may not strike a cord with you. Completely normal.

p.s. I think you are one of my favourite people on here

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At least it wasnt this Florence + the Machine tune.

Of course it is ok.

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No it shows you are human. I cried to Justin Biebers’ song ‘pray’ I just thought it was so touching. Even these days when I listen to it by myself it really gets to me.

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I don’t see how it would be bad.
If you need to cy, then cry…

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I think so. Hell, I tear up at plenty of songs. Sugar Mountain gets me choked up, as does Nightswimming. I think it just shows you’re very accepting of your own emotions, and you’re pretty perceptive the the ideas a song puts in front of you. :)

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Of course it’s not bad if you cry to a song . Music speaks the words that we can’t or it shows the feeling that we don’t show because either we are to afraid to show or just don’t like showing how we really feel . I also cry to songs, and you may have cried on this song because it’s showsing what you really feel like inside . MUSIC ; IT SAYS ALL THE THINGS THAT WORDS ALONE CAN NEVER SAY ♥

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the song Beautiful Day by U2 gets me crying. It’s the stry of my life…..... :(

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The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics still tears me up after over 25 years. It came out the year after my father passed. I was 40 at the time, and the crying was uncontrollable whenever I heard that song.

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Never keep anything in let it out. When you cry you release, its good to cry.

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Lots of songs bring tears to my eyes. Just last night this one by John Lennon did.

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^yep, that did

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Crying over a beautiful song is natural and normal. The reason is when we hear songs that have heart touching lines or meanings we identify with the actual emotions the singer is feeling or to the message they are trying to convey.Many a times these songs are about a relationship and relationships can make you cry.

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What do you think I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie is for?

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It is a gift! Enjoy!

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no. it isn’t bad at all. my father actually cheated on my mother multiple times and died from OD, anyways he is in a better place, but I don’t blame him. I cry to “drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo” all the time

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