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My iPhone died today - oh no! Is there a way to resuscitate it?

Asked by janbb (54669points) March 2nd, 2010

It was working fine and then it stopped. Plugging it into the charger does nothing. Is there a way to reset it? It’s only 2 months old.

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Plugging it in to your computer maybe?
Pressing at the same time the Menu and Power button until it resets?

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Hold down both the home button and the button at the top for about 5 seconds. This will force the iPhone to restart.

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Take it back to the Apple store for a replacement. Nothing that costs that much should fail after only two months! There is a reason why Apple has the greatest warranty!

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If it fails to restart/work properly after that, you should connect it you your computer and restore it to factory settings through iTunes. After you’ve done that you can choose to restore a recent backup of your iPhone data which iTunes makes every once in a while (at least if you are connecting your iPhone to iTunes regularily).

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Thanks – I will try to do those.

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It didn’t respond to the holding down trick, but it just came back to life and I have plugged it in to the charger now. Very bizarre.

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Mouth to mouth my friend. It’s the only way….

Also try the Apple help line.

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You should hold down both the buttons until you see an Apple logo. It might take 10 seconds so be patient. Anyways, glad that it started working again. It’s a great phone – even if it has some minor issues.

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I did get the Apple logo and then nothing, but then it was just sitting ther about ½ hour later and started up. I do love it.

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Ah ok. You did it right then. If it does it again, then do a restore. Otherwise don’t. :)

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Thanks for all your help.

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I know nothing about iPhones but I am delighted that your phone has risen from the dead.

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Thanks @Dr_Lawrence – so am I!

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