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Help designing currency for wisconsin?

Asked by shockvalue (5797points) March 2nd, 2010

In my print design class, we were assigned a US state, and told to design three bank notes (dollar bills) for our state as if they were their on country…

Well, I got stuck with Wisconsin, (no offense all you cheese-head flutherites) and I’m having a bit of trouble with what to do… I’ve done some research and found out that Wisconsin is well known for agricultural production (dairy, corn, grain) also they are home to tons of paper mills and quite a few beer companies. As for famous people, I’ve narrowed it down to Orson Wells, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Frank Lloyd Wright…

If you guys know anything about Wisconsin, or can think of any related subject matter or concept that might look cool on a bill, please, let me know!

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What, dont want to do a cow print bill?
(Jokes aside)
Well, since its near those big lakes, perhaps some scenic, aquamarine type things, such as ducks, cattails, ect. Could end up pretty.

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It borders Lake Michigan and Lake Superior (great lake’s, although Michigan is really the great lake state) and has many other beautiful lakes. The state capital, Madison, has some large lake by it, can’t remember the name. It is the Badger state I think, like the university mascot.

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Wisconsin is best known for cows.

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I like the assignment.

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Who is famous and from Wisconsin? Do you have a famous cheese factory there? How about pasting Laverne and Shirley in the middle and Squiggy on the back biting his fist.

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LOL. I love the Laverne and Shirley idea. Was Happy Days there also??

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Go Green Bay!

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Snow comes to mind also. :)

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You should make the bill out of a slice of cheese. Conceptual and edible.

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Wisconsin also; particularly the Milwaukee area, use to be an industrial garden. Other than that there’s not much special here. :[

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A little unimaginative but if all else fails you could Google for lists of famous, say, people or landmarks in Wisconsin.

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As a man who lived in WI for about 15 years, I highly recommend integrating the mighty Green Bay Packers logo in there somewhere. It’s a religion out there.

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I love the assignment. I wish I could’ve gotten that assignment.

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@ChocolateReigns I’ll bet I can guess what you’d make your bill out of. ~

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@Trillian LOL! Chocolate, of course.

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