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How to write a CV (or resume) like a graphic designer?

Asked by Grabbins (87points) June 13th, 2008

I’m currently trying to get my CV sent out to a few agencies at the moment but I’m a bit stuck. I’m not really sure how I should tackle this to be honest. Should I do something really fancy or something really simple? Should I include some portfolio work or should I just wait and see if an interview is organized? And what format would be most suitable? This is pretty tough. I know it’s impossible to please everyone but I could do with some general advice and experiences!

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Hmmm, a portfolio is a must.
A web portfolio is best.
Um, I’d make a 1 page resume to ship over in PDF format, then if they want to interview you they can see your portfolio on the web too.

Really, it’s just up to you though :p Your style and flare.

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@Breefield yeah I am deffinatley going to get my portfolio up to scratch because that’s what will get a the job.

I was thinking of making a one page portfolio site too. Something to impress them a little more perhaps? Not sure yet. still early days I suppose.

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I am currently doing battle with this myself. I think a Graphic design resume is different than normal by nature because of the portfolio aspect.

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@ Bri L Yeah I agree. And producing a CV about yourself will say so much about your skills too when it comes to typography (both choice & skill), colour, format, layout, grid structure and also things like paper stock and binding techniques!! Ahh!

I think I might try treating it like an actual project rather than a ‘default option’ if you know what I mean.

All the best anyway!!!

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Exactly. The real problem is some want it to be an example of your creativity and others want a straight forward presentation. How the hell are you supposed to know?

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There’s no way to know, Bri L, so you make two different resumes, one traditional and one creative. Then you pick the style of resume you think is appropriate for each job you apply to.

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As someone who has hired a lot of graphic designers, I think that today a Web portfolio is a must.

I first scan people’s resumes to see what type and how much experience they have, and then I go immediately to look at their work on the Web. I am looking for breadth of experience, and the ability to convey several looks (mos of my hires are for commercial projects).

Once I have narrowed it down to (usually) three top candidates, I have those people in for interviews and to go through their portfolio.

Good luck.

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You’ll need a good web portfolio and a resume as HTML on your site & a PDF. You can look at mine on for an idea of how to organize it.

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I once knew someone who was getting in to the graphic design business and had to do a resume. I thought his approach was fantastic! He made a comic book of his life, with major events like education and job experience. He made himself in to a cat – it was the coolest CV/resume I’ve ever seen.

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Thanks for the great feedback everyone! It’s a huge help!

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@ marina – Yeah, I have interviewed many to. I ended up deciding, after 8 horrible missmatched years at two companies that I would make the resume that matches my style and if it was a problem I didn’t want to work there.
@PupnTaco – Thanks for sharing your online portfolio! I am a part of linked in. I was unaware of that feature. I am going to look into it.

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I’ve just been hiring a graphic designer. I was looking for a neat looking layout of the CV with no typos (suggesting good layout & proof reading skills). I was also looking for a nice colourful and varied selection of portfolio examples.

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carbonmade might be something to look into for a quick online portfolio

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