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iPhone interference?

Asked by pattyb (786points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

whrirrrrrr…tick tick tick. I hear it when I hook up to an external speaker. But today I heard it in my doctors office phone. I know it was my phone doing it because when I toggled airplane mode it was in sync with the interference. What is the cause? Why does it do this? And how to prevent it?

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By the way, it was annoying the receptionist’s who work there. ( I never fessed up)

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every AT&T phone I’ve had has done that…. But not with verizon phones. So u r not alone .

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It’s GSM interference, and it’s not limited to AT&T or the iPhone.

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I can’t link it for you, but if you search Fluther for “iPhone” and “aluminum” you will find a solution!

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It’s any phone from any service. It’s your phone tring to find a local tower I think. Like you said when I’m playing music in my car I put the phone in airplane mode or at least turn off wifi, that seems to cause the noise as well.

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GSM attacks the same frequency that standard radio stations are on.

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Get Ultrasone headphones. They are made of MU Metal so you won’t hear that at all!

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