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How can I take out stuff from my Ipod Touch?

Asked by Voltury (26points) March 2nd, 2010

How can I take out stuff from my Ipod Touch?
I have an Ipod Touch 1 Gen that has a lot of stuff like photos, music and video. I accidentally erased everything from my computer so now I need all the stuff from my Ipod back on my pc. Is there a way to transfer everything, how and what do i need?

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There are a lot of apps for extracting files from iPods and iPhones. I don’t know what to use if you’re on Windows, but if you’re on a Mac you could use Pod to Mac.

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For Windows and Mac, I’ve used it loads of times, very straightforward to use.

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Plug it into your computer and sync it with iTunes.

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Please don’t sync it with your iTunes as it will erase your iPod if as you say you have deleted everything from your computer.

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@RareDenver You don’t understand what I meant. There is an option that puts all the songs, videos, etc. into iTunes.

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There are plenty of great apps out there that others mentioned to do this. I don’t know if this still applies to the newer iPods, but with my 5th Gen (it’s a dinosaur now, I know) I can just put the device in Disk Mode and navigate to a hidden folder on the drive that contains all the songs.

The songs are broken up (seemingly) randomly into subfolders and all of them are renamed with random permutations of four letters when originally transferred onto the iPod. The device uses its own index to find the songs. The attribute tags are still intact. Make sure you check off “Keep iTunes Media folder organized” and “Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library” in the advanced tab in iTunes preferences to ensure that iTunes copies the files into its directory, and renames the files based on their attribute tags.

Just drag and drop the music files from the iPod onto iTunes and it will copy your files and rename them.

Once you’re sure all the media files on the iPod are on your computer, sync the iPod with your iTunes library. This will erase all the media from the device, tether it with your iTunes library, and copy the files onto the iPod again.

I apologize if this is antiquated, I actually have zero experience with the iPod touch, but this applies to every iPod I’ve ever used.

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i agree with “raredenver” DO NOT SYNC WITH ITUNES, you will delete everything, i dump is ok if you use a jail-broken iPod, but iPod to computer ( transfer works great, and you can get all videos and music from your iPod, and pics you can just get right off the device under my computer, good luck with what ever you do, hope it works out for you.

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