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Any help with updating my iPod Touch 2G to iOS 4.0?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) June 23rd, 2010

I have the iPod Touch 2G and am trying to upgrade the operating system from 3.1.3 to 4.0 on my PC. When doing so, it has already downloaded the file (took about 20 minutes), but when it tries to back up my iPod it stalls after a few minutes. The bar just sits there and doesn’t move. I’ve even let it sit over night to see if it was just taking a really long time.

How can I fix this or get around it? Is there a way to skip the back up process?

Heard a lot of other people were experiencing the same problem, but haven’t found a solution yet.

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According to this there’s nothing that you can do to the thing.

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Every new OS (or iOS int his case) release there are time out issues with too many people bogging down the servers. You’ll have to wait and keep trying until it goes through.

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@drClaw But this is just during the back up process, how would it be bogged down when it’s local to my machine? I’d understand if it was hanging up while downloading the OS from Apple’s servers.

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It took my iPod Touch2G about 3.5 hours to fully install, update & backup. Depending on how much stuff is on your iPod, will also change how long it takes to backup & restore. I have 17GB of music, 3GB of video, & 4GB of apps. I canceled the backup the first time, because I thought it froze. After looking up other people’s experiences, I learned that it takes forever.

Possible idea to shorten the time… what if you factory reset your iPod & cleared it of everything & then installed the update… then you transfer all the itunes stuff onto it? Not sure if that would do anything, but it makes sense to me. Wish I had thought of that when I updated.

Just a heads up, for those of us who didn’t read much about the update-
iPod Touch2g doesn’t get wallpaper on home screen, or multi-tasking. The only useful feature we get is ‘Folders’, which is fantastic.

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Hi erichw1504. I agre with drclaw. You just need to redo the process again.

I just upgraded mine to iOS 4 last night and I left the downloading of the software overnight. In the morning I started installing the new OS, it took a pretty long time too and I thought it hanged but it didn’t. The first thing I noticed after the installation was that my photos were all low resolution from high resolution and I panicked abit. What I did was just restart and sync my photos again from my laptop.

Just a little patience and start over. I’m sure it will work.

They said it works for 2G and 3G so no reason why it shouldnt on yours.

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i had the problem last night. Here is what I had to do:

Unplug the iPhone in the middle of the frozen restore
Log on to computer as another user
Download the iPhone software from a new iTunes account
When it got to the point where it restored the software and wanted to rename my phone, I promptly unplugged the phone and switched back to my other user account.
I plugged the phone in before opening iTunes, and it began an hour long process of restoring my backup.
The phone restored everything on the original user account and updated the software.

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@erichw1504 Even if you can update it, I wouldn’t think it’s a good idea. The new OS requires much faster processor, then what the 2G has. Actually double as fast. So if you do it, I think that you gonna meet some freezings, slow loadings, and many more problems… But it’s up to you. I’d buy a 3GS, or 4G. ( if your wallet lets you of course )

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@Otto_King, that problem (horsepower) was addressed by Steve Jobs. He said there are some missing features for older generation models because they did not run smoothly during testing. He said he would rather not offer it all, than to offer it – with slower speed & performance reduction. I installed the new iOS4 on my 2g iPod & it runs just the same as it always did, just with a few new features, just not the new features that require a lot of power (custom wallpaper – because it renders shadows of icons & of dock onto the wallpaper, not just a plain background, & the multitasking – for obvious reasons, among a few other small things.) The only reason to not install this update, would be because maybe a few apps might not work properly with it. But a lot of my apps have already issued an update that makes them ‘ios4’ ready & I haven’t come across an app that hasn’t worked yet, including the ones with no ‘ios4 ready’ updates.

The only real problem, is that by the time you finish installing & backing up…there will be a new generation of devices with ios5. :)

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@erichw1504 oh you’re right that is weird, I didn’t read the whole question through.

You will get it if you keep trying, but if you give up let me leave you with this. I added iOS4 to my iPhone 3g which runs it the same way your 2nd gen iPod Touch runs it and besides folders there is nothing new or that exciting. It also slowed my phone way down!

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@rpmpseudpnym Then basically Apple solved that “slowing down issue” with, “shut off whatever uses more memory then it should”. (nicely put) :) So in the end you still gonna be far away from the 4G or even the 3GS experiences…

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The previous was to @rpmpseudonym, I just missed

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Odd. My 8GB iPod Touch is 2nd gen and took iOS 4 without a hiccup. Granted, I don’t get the full experience since it’s not as powerful as the 3rd-gen, but still, I had no issues.

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