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What is it about bad songs that ends up getting them stuck in your head?

Asked by drClaw (4442points) March 3rd, 2010

Everyone has had a song stuck in their gray matter. Right now I’m going on day 4 of having Intercourse With You from Family Guy in mine!

Another really bad song that I got stuck in my head is I’m in Miami B*tch. To make it worse I often start thinking of my own lyrics which drags out how long these horrid tunes bounce around in my skull.

What are some of the most despised songs to infiltrate your cranium and how did they get there?

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Umbr… that Rhianna song. Ugh. I’d rather pull my eyeballs out with hot iron tongs.

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The Macarena, Mambo #5, Achy Breaky Heart, Funkytown, Ice Ice Baby.

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This is one post, if I read. It will ruin my day. ;-)

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Kokomo…....The Beach Boys

“Aruba, Jamiaica, ooo i wanna takya”.

I love this song, but it sometimes drives me insane. even my wife is now singing this song.

Maybe, we need a Jamaician vacation.

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worst one of all, guaranteed to have everyone agree with me is “I Get Knocked Down” Chumbawumba

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@drClaw: I know what you mean though….i think it is because they are all songs that have repetitive lyrics and usually a catchy beat. “I’m in Miami B*tch” hahaha that song is ridiculous. That song will pop up in my head randomly like when I’m in meetings. I wish someone would just ask me, “Brad, what are you thinking right now?”

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I detest ‘agado-do-do’ . (Sorry if anyone else likes it).

It really annoys me, but sometimes I can’t stop singing it LOLL

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Earworms will mess up a day for sure…I’m warning you do not follow this link!

drClaw's avatar

@mass_pike4 “poka dot bakini guuurl” WHY WON’T IT STOP!!!

@Cruiser I clicked.

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I hate how I got that AWFUL ‘Dreamweaver’ song in my head everytime I used the Dreamweaver software…..

Ooooooooooooooohh, Dreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaamweeeaaaavahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!


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I will never be the same after this thread!

PacificRimjob's avatar

I have only myself to blame for now hearing ‘Dreamweaver’.

CMaz's avatar

CRAP! Why did I look!

OOOoo OOOoo Dream weaver I believe you can get me trough the night
Dream weaver I believe we can reach the morning light.

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Try having this one in your head for the past couple of days!

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@john65pennington I hate, hate, hate that kokomo song. heard it in hawaii. and this will top them all- watching tv that denture commercial singing ‘bye,bye, gooiness,’ (or whatever it is) sung in creepy old people voices, to the tune of some everly bros song, can’t stand it

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The Beach Boys’ Kokomo. Ugh.

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Disney’s “It’s a Small World”

and ”(This is) The Song That Never Ends” from the Shari Lewis and Lambchop show

and my only child is 19yo now!

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Ah, you’re not catching us out like that!

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I’m still singing it!

I will get you @PacificRimjob ! Mark my words!! I will get you!

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Alvin and the Chipmunks “Witchdoctor Song” is guarranteed to drive you batty.

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T Rex, “Get it on, Bang a gong….” Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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I hadn’t heard this song for probably 40 years, and one morning woke up with it in my head. No reason, it just suddenly was on “repeat/play”. Several days of going nuts followed.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Just after my lady died, I couldn’t get our song out of my head. It’s a very nice song, but you don’t want to hear it over and over again in your head. “Tiny Dancer”: Elton John/Bernie Taupin.

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“I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie woOOOOooorld. It’s fantastic, I’m made of plastic.”

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@erichw1504 – Great! Another song I will be singing all day.

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you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. Imagination, life is your creation. Come on Barbie, let’s go party! Oooo Oooo Oooo Yea!

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You are My Sunshine at the top of my voice just bursts out of my head when I cruise around the barn aisle with the grandkids saying hello to the horses.
The dogs leave and the kids snicker but I can’t help it.
Oh yeah, it does sound better in my head than out :-)

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