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why am I not tanning?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

I have been going tanning for almost a month now pretty much everyday. Using regular twenty min bed and higher power ten min beds sometimes using tanning lotions and I do have a slight tan but nothing impressive. I used to tan really well. Any tips or suggstions?

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yeah, stop tanning.

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Brace yourself for skin cancer later in life.

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I actually go to help prevent acne and it works ! Otherwise I wouldn’t bother. Is skin cancer guanrenteed?

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No, its not guaranteed. My dermatologist used to rconmend it if I wasn’t on any medication. Tanning in moderation is fine for you. Now tanning everyday is probably a bit excessive. I would limit it 2–3 times a week if you aren’t on any skin care drugs.

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normally I wouldn’t go everyday I was just trying to build some color up and then slow down…. But its not building very fast LOL

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People still tan? Dont tan. Embrace the paleness!

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The only dermalologist a heard talking about tanning told, that tanning place sould be close…

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Some medications can interfere with tanning. Are you taking anything?

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Haven’t you heard of Clare Oliver? In short, don’t tan.

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wow after checking that stuff out about claire it scares me I think I’ll stop after my plan is up next week. I’m glad she put that message out there. I hope she r.i.p.

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I just realized though. Although all the comments and information was very helpful and I’m glad I’ve read everything you all have wrote. Nobody actually answered the question at hand haha

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You’re still worried about your slight tan??

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Well, I’m no expert, but I would say that if you’ve been tanning 30 minutes everyday for the last month and you say there’s no difference, I don’t think anything is going to help.

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