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Any suggestions for a genuine room deodorant that is not a mere coverup, and doesn't insinuate its own chemical scent?

Asked by dpworkin (27035points) March 5th, 2010

I’d be most interested in items that have been proven to work well and efficiently in a commercial environment, e.g. no Febreze™, no Pledge™

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Wouldn’t a good cleaning achieve what you’re looking for?

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I own a home HEPA filter that clears any and all smells up really fast.

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It’s for a commercial space where odors are produced in manufacturing. It’s not to solve a household problem.

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Oust works great on our airplanes near the lav. I’m not sure how much square feet you are trying to work with but you can get it odorless.

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@missingbite Thanks, do you know who makes it?

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Odo Ban works well in a work area. We used it in our sorting room at work and it wasn’t offensive to anyone. It can be found at Sam’s Clubs in the midwest.

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Oust user here… keep a can handy for the bathroom and to treat the car a couple times a year. I like the outdoor scent that has a green lid. It’s made by S.C. Johnson & Son.

In the car, I spray the heck out of the cabin and trunk, then keep the car airtight overnight. Works like a dream. I have 2 dogs and although the car is 8 years old it doesn’t stink.

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Coffee, bubble gum and pine in that order. I work with mercaptan nothing is worse than that and I have spent too many hours trying to mask that odor and those 3 did the best possible job of masking that burnt skunk smell of the mercaptan chemical. You can get concentrates of these through essential oil or masking agent mfrs.

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@dpworkin It’s a Johnson and Johnson product. We buy in bulk but not sure from where. It works great. Really kills the odor and doesn’t just cover it.

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I keep a small can of Ozium in every room. One small, one-second spray removes stale odors and dissipates within seconds. It even works on animal odors.

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Don’t know if its workable or OSHA compliant in a commercial setting but charcoal(briquets, for the grill) soaks up scents very well. In the apartments I worked in, we would put charcoal in the air return for the HVAC system and it absorbed the smoke and curry smells very well. Don’t use the kind with the self lighting fluid infused.

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