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Is a skating party unique or lame for a 30 year old?

Asked by tytyslim (65points) March 6th, 2010

I am turning 30 next month and I would like to celebrate with friends. I have already planned a cruise in May,but wanted to do something local to celebrate. I usually just do dinner with friends, or maybe hit the club. They say ” 30 is the new 20”, so I decided this year I wanted to do something different and fun. I thought it would be cool to have a retro rolling skating party. However, I am wondering if it would be too “13yr old girl”? And because I will be a 30 yr old gay man that would not be a good look…lol. So what do you think?

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I’m only 18… but I would totally participate in that.
I don’t see why there should be an age limit for roller rinks.
They are so fantastic.
Do it!

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I think you should do what you want and makes you feel good and happy, while you can because you never know what can happenxD

P.S. I am 15 years old becoming 16 in May ;D

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I’m turning 30 this year too… your idea sounds awesome. Who cares if it would be a “good look.” It sounds like a freaking blast and unless your friends suck, they’ll look like fools right along with you.

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Do what’s fun. You’ll only regret what you don’t try.

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Do it if you think it will be fun. I denno if it’s lame or unique, but as long as you have a good time.

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It sounds like a lot of fun, and it could be very cool. maybe you could have formal attire.

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Honestly I would not, but if it is you 30th, WHO REALLY CARES?

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Do it. Dinner or the club would be lame in comparison,

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NO….perish the thought. Don’t ever let it cross your mind again. If you were female, maybe. Homosexual guy NO!!

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@plethora Since when does fun have gender or sexual preference?

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I’d go! That would be a blast. Happy Birthday!

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It sounds great and tons of fun. Don’t expect to be as good as you were as a kid- I tried skating again and boy was it a wake-up call! Just go and be silly, have fun and eat some laffy taffy- it’ll all be golden.

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It does sound like a lot of fun! Turn back time!

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Sounds like fun! :))

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I think 30 is still pretty young, don’t worry about that. Go for it, and I agree with anyone else who said age shouldn’t have a limit for this.

My uncle is 34, and he acts and looks 20 still and is often asked for his ID when he buys drinks or goes to casino’s. He’s still a kid at heart.

Anyways, Happy early 30th!

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@Likeradar Always… in women usually love to shop, men usually don’t. That’s an activity that is clearly gender oriented as to whether it’s fun or not. But then I’ve never had the slightest confusion about my sexual orientation. On the other hand, neither has my gf friend ever had the slightest confusion about her sexual orientation and she finds homosexuality as repulsive as I do. (But don’t even imagine that we are sexually repressed….trust me) And since at least 98% (wait, I’ve read the statistics and I’m pretty sure 98% is the figure, but just for this discussion, let’s say 90%)....since 90% of the human race is totally straight, notwithstanding the [removed by Fluther via internal edit] PC code that exists in the US and Europe, I would just say to the small homosexual minority, “get over the fact that the other 90%+ is not going to play along”. So, bottom line, my answer is still a resounding NO. And one of the reasons I enjoy Fluther is just so I can sound off about things like this… well as the reasoned discussions. Sooo, thanks for asking and I did enjoy sharing..:)

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Who cares? Just do what you want to do.

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I think you’re right on – much funner than the club and not gender-specific at all. ‘Sides, lots of things 13-y-o girls do are
things we wish we could still do. I salute you for your willingness to model a healthy exuberant birthday role.

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I’m not yet 30, but that still sounds like fun to me. Don’t worry about whether the activity is considered cool or not. It’s only lame if you believe it is. Throw your skating party. You can never be too old to have fun (unless you choose to be)!

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You can only do it if I’m invited. ^_^ I LOVE the skating rink. I wish there were one closer to me. If there were, I’d be dragging my 40-year old hubby there all the time.

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If I were an invited guest to said party, I’d have a lot more fun going if the rink was reserved for the night, or an adult skate night, rather than tripping over the teeny boppers. I wonder if you could call and ask them if there are times when the rink can be reserved for private parties, or if there is an adult skate night. If not, go ahead and do it anyway. It’s your birthday. Have fun.

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Nah. It would be fun, especially since many of your guest probably will not have skated in 15 years. Be sure to invite all of us!

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@plethora That is a lot of hate.

@tytyslim If you and your friends want to do it, go for it. :)

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Warning. The year I turned 30 I thought it would be fun to go rollerskating. I ended up fracturing my radial head (elbow). Just remember, you are no longer 10 years old.

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@Arisztid mmmm….looked back at my two posts, and not sure what you think I hate. I answered two different questions. One, re having the party…not a good idea, in my opinion. Two, @Likeradar ‘s apparent assertion that gender and sexuality have no relation to action, in this case “fun”....which in itself was a dramatic, and silly, broadening of the issue. Gender and sexuality have everything to do with lots of activities, shopping being only one of many. Having roller skating parties for oneself, as well. Typical of a homosexual male, not typical of a straight 30 yr old male… that particular fun is defined by gender and sexuality.

Isnt it great that we have a place like this where we say exactly what we believe or feel about an issue. I love it. Hope you do too.

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@plethora – Um, random anti-gay ranting—what the hell? You sure have some narrow-minded views about gender roles and norms. Skating is not “gay” and to posit so is, frankly, ridiculous. What it is is fun to some people; male, female, straight, gay, whatever. Anyway, I would bet that people who find skating fun don’t give a fig about what you think. So, maybe you should lighten up and work on being less judgey about things you are not interested in. To each his own.

Anyway, to answer the original question, I do think it’s a bit silly for a 30-year-old, but then again, in the past few years I’ve witnessed two different 30-year-olds get seriously injured whilst channeling their inner 12-year-olds. :) However, I think the silly aspect could be redeemed if you made it an 80’s themed party.

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I’ve always thought that answering other people’s questions on line is sorta, you know, gay.

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@plethora Just checked with a 29 year old hetero male. He thinks this kind of party would be sweet. So it’s not for you, which is fine, but generalizations about a group of people suck.

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@plethora I only can bring myself to care enough to read through the post above my last one. It includes:

On the other hand, neither has my gf friend ever had the slightest confusion about her sexual orientation and she finds homosexuality as repulsive as I do.

...since 90% of the human race is totally straight, notwithstanding the Homo PC code that exists in the US

Of course you have the right to express your hate just like I do to point it out.

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@plethora What a disappointment you turned out to be.

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@MissAnthrope @Arisztid @dpworkin @Likeradar…...ease up folks. I do not hate homosexuals. I have several homosexual friends and I think they are great people. I answered one simple question. “No, I personally do not think its a great idea.” And I do like to roller skate…:)

From that point it was broadened, which I have found is often characteristic of the discussions on here. That’s ok. Yes, I think “fun”, as broad as that word is, can be tied to a great many things, including gender and sexuality.

I appreciate your comments here as well as whereever else I see them.

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I do not agree with @plethora , I think that gender and sexuality have nothing to do with the activities one would wish to pursue. In my opinion, you should whatever you wish to do, as long as you think it will be fun! who cares what anyone else thinks!? If this does matter to you though, then maybe you can rent out a rink, or do it where others won’t see you.

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_ I do not hate homosexuals. I have several homosexual friends and I think they are great people. _

Who didn’t see that line coming a mile away?

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Some of my best friends are Jews.

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Ummmmm….ok folks, here’s where I bow out. See ya on the next question. And yes @dpworkin some of my good friends are Jewish too.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I think you would have to be blind to have missed that one. I am certain that it came with its own pre-release notice.

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I was just talking with my hubby a few days ago about going to a skating rink. He’s 6 feet tall and over 250 lbs of mad metalhead muscle. I defy you to call his penchant for rollerblading “gay”. ^_^

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Ah, the ultimate tell: I have gay friends. Hasn’t everyone learned that yet.

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[Mod Says:] Please stick to the topic folks which is “Is a skating party unique or lame for a 30 year old?”

All off topic and personal remarks will be removed.

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Go for it! No, it’s not lame.

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