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Is the Seinfeld theme song the same tune as "My Perogative" by Bobby Brown?

Asked by ftp901 (1315points) March 6th, 2010

I have to solve this once and for all:
I’ve always thought the Seinfeld theme song sounded exactly like Bobby Brown’s song “My Prerogative”. It seems so obvious to me that they are clearly the same song (the Seinfeld theme sounds like is musak/elevator music version of it).

Everytime I hear the Seinfeld theme song I hear:
“I don’t need permission
Make my own decisions
That’s my prerogative” doo doo doo doop…

I realize it’s never been acknowledged as the actual song (ie. Bobby Brown didn’t actually get a credit for writing it) but to me it so clearly is. I can’t seem to find anyone else who agrees with me no matter how many people I ask. So, I want to know if anyone else out there in the world has arrived at this conclusion independently from me.

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Huh? What is up with that?

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It’s not the same song. The Seinfeld theme was written by Jonathan Wolff.

I can see how you could think that though. There is a segment that has four notes that are close in cadence to My Prerogative, yet they are not the same song.

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Never thought about it before, and now that I’ve thought about it… still no.

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It doesn’t sound like it to me.SERENITY NOW! ;)

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@gemiwing thanks – I’m glad that there is someone else who recognizes there is a similarity. I know they aren’t the same song but to me it sounds like the writer ripped off Bobby Brown in a segment of the song. To me it sounds like more than 4 notes, it’s this whole bit:
“I don’t need permission
Make my own decisions
That’s my prerogative”

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I just listened to that song and I can’t come up with anything that sounds similar. Even the music during the lyrics you mentioned…I don’t hear it. And the Seinfeld theme is engraved in my brain.

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Here is the Seinfeld theme.
Here is My Prerogative by Bobby Brown

They’re different tunes, but I can understand how you would hear the similarities in them.

I do want to sing the first verse over the Seinfeld theme, just for fun, to see if I can make them fit. LOL!!!

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Um, no.

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Yes yes yes…. I just got Season 6 since they never play Seinfeld in the UK and I’ve been missing it. AND its been driving me insane that it sounds like My Perogative.

And then I searched, I’m glad that someone else agrees with me… I was feeling crazy. I’ve been watching the show for years but since I never heard the Bobby Brown version I never thought knew…obviously I’m more familiar with the Spears version of the song… but the theme totally sounds like it in most spots. I don’t know why people say they cannot hear it.

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excellent – glad you can hear it too olympialetan. I’ve asked so many people this question in real life and they all think I’m crazy. This is what fluther is great for.

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I totally heard it tonight as I was watching season 1. I kept thinking “god, what is that reminding me of?” Then I googled “Seinfeld song sounds like” and saw this. I immediately said “YES! That’s it!” hahaha

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My boyfriend and I are watching all of the Seinfeld episodes back to back, and he mentioned that the theme song was a version of ‘My Perogative’. I laughed, as i do not hear it. Tonight we googled this question and alas, he is not alone! You all should take your belief to the bank, and help Bobby collect royalties!

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Every time I hear the theme I also sing my prerogative! Glad I’m not alone!

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Yes yes yes. Melody is identical as is the notes. I’m a musician and just played them both on piano and it’s identical

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TO the people who said NO, the notes aren’t the same, it doesn’t sound the same, I regret to inform you: YOU CRAZY. It’s exactly the same song. In fact the horn parts would have really helped the original Bobby Brown song, proving once again: MASHUPS ARE PRETTY FRIGGIN COOL.

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Holy crap YES!! I was just showing this to my girlfriend and I googled it to see if anyone had made a mashup video to show this. I made an account on this site just to reply to you. I don’t even know what the name of the site I registered for is. For me it’s Britney Spears singing the lyrics, though.

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I thought the same thing, I have a remix of the two songs in my brain right now.

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I always thought the same exact thing, and that’s my prerogative.

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I have always wondered this as well!

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The Seinfeld Theme was changed in Season Three. Anyone hearing the later theme is going to disagree with you, that is why so many did disagree. Season One and Two absolutely DID have the same notes and chord progression as “My Prerogative” Listen here… SEINFELD THEME – SEASON TWO…

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Yes I as well made an account to agree with those who also joined just to agree… Love it it was killing me for over a week… Just couldnt pin it and then it dawned like a New Day(:

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Over ten years after OP posted and I wind up here. Been on a Seinfeld binge lately, I’m on my 3rd watching of it now. (I work from home and have shows playing in the background while I’m working, so sometimes I can binge the same show a few times in a row.) Lately when I’ve been going to sleep for some reason the song My Prerogative gets stuck in my head and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Just started the first season of Seinfeld again and FINALLY noticed that part of the opening sounds just like My Prerogative. Finally tracked down where the earworm was from. Googled it and ended up here. Just wanted to add that yeah, there’s definitely some similarity.

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