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Whats your favorite color car

Asked by Beat170 (28points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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I would love to have a black car because it makes it look sleek, but hard to clean. So until I stop being lazy ill have a silver car because it doesn’t look as dirty when it is.

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My friend had a old Nova that he rebuilt with his dad. It was a Pearl White and was awesome. I can’t say that white is my favorite car color but that paint job was amazing. It was a professional job the probably cost a few thousand dollars.

So I guess white if done properly.

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mine’s dark blue with red primer showing through where the paint is peeling off [:

although i do love a pearly white car like john mentioned.

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Bicycle coloured.

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Jet Black Metallic is my preference.

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It depends on the car . Red sports cars and black trucks.

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Black all the way.

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I’m saying yellow for a sports car and black for everything else

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I like blue and pearl white.. Have we ever see cars brown??? Not that I like but have we saw it?

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Every car looks best in Black

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Orange like the BMW 2002 I never had.

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