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Do you find that different varieties of alcoholic beverages affect your mood in different ways?

Asked by Jude (32134points) March 6th, 2010

Please forgive me, alas, I’m doing a wee bit of drunken fluthering. I’m not even sure if I worded my question properly..

I find that wine makes me sleepy and melancholy. Gin makes me a flirt, beer makes me a bit crazy and tequila makes me lose my inhibitions.

I’m drinking wine now with my lady. I hate how it makes me feel sleepy…

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Wine makes me horny.
Liquor makes me pensive.
Absinthe makes me Vincent Van Gogh.
I hate beer.

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You fluther drunker! Show a little respect. Don’t fluther without psychotropic meds – ever.

To answer, yes…...though I do not know why, as I am not a molecular biologist or a chemist. Tequila makes me silly, and everything is funny to me. Beer makes me sloppy, and vodka makes me an absolute bitch. I can carve someone like Thanksgiving turkey if I drink vodka. Hence, no vodka for me, period.

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You’re both awesome. “I love you guys”. ;-)

Same with me. Wine makes me sleepy, melancholy/borderline bitchy. Weird.

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Sake makes me really talkative
Wine makes me sleepy
Absinthe makes me giggly
Tequila makes me think it’s a good idea to do karaoke.

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Wine leaves me fuzzy and soft
Whiskey makes me feel like a cowgirl
Beer makes me feel like itchin’ where it scratches
Tequillllla makes me want to dance on a table and lick belly buttons

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I think I have set a precedent here…

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Rum makes me a bit silly.
Whiskey makes me distant.
Tequila makes me fall down.
Beer makes me pee.

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<hands Bastard a large bottle of wine. And a straw>

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Wine gives me a headache, which makes me grouchy
Rum makes me think I’m sexy and that I can dance well
Tequila makes me happy and horny
Vodka makes me chill
Beer makes me bloated, which also makes me grouchy

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According to the wifey, I polished off a whole bottle of red whilst she was making the salmon/potatoes and asparagus. Whole bottle/no munchies nor any other type of food in my tummy…

A few moments ago, I noticed that I had my jimjams on backwards. “How are you durrin’?”

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I’m wonderin how wifey is doin :)

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She’s in bed waiting for me.

I’m comin’...

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Now that is what matters… sweet evening to you both!

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Mixed drinks makes me want to do one of three things – pick an argument, have my way with a person, or brazenly confess my naughty deeds.
Mike’s hard anything makes me wanna graze in the kitchen.
Wine makes me morose.

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Beer makes me pee a lot and I water my tomatoes with Vodka. Thanks to my tomatoes my mood is always a rosy bouquet of sunshine….Phillis quit Bogarting those pink pills and toss me the opener!

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I’ve never noticed anything like that… they all just make me drunk.

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Well, apparently Crown Royal makes you angry.

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Same results with any alcohol.I get silly.Imagine that ;)

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I agree!

Sweet dreams…

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Wine makes me warm, fuzzy, mellow or animated, social, and I handle it about a million times better than any other kind of alcohol. It’s the best buzz of all. I have never been sick from wine and it’s always kind to me in the morning. <3 wine.

Tequila makes me a bit crazy and wild, but in a fun way. I hate rum. Beer makes me relaxed and often kind of sleepy and if I drink too much of it, I feel ill. Vodka just makes me drunk. Gin somehow makes me somewhat bitter.

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Vodka makes me sloppy
Rum makes my head feel silly
Beer makes me content, happy, and tired
Wine makes me giggly and tired
Whiskey gives me the best drunk
Tequila makes my clothes fall off

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