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What do you normally drink with whiskey?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 5th, 2010

I like mine with a bit of coke. What else could I mix it with?

Blondesjon, loves his Canadian whiskey. Check out his show at RandomAssRadio

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Mint tea. It’s very refreshing, and wonderful to go to sleep on.

Also, some Sweet Vermouth. Then you can call it a Manhattan.

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I drink it straight. Mixing things always makes me ill.

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With Coke. Or with ginger ale.

Mmmmm… the Crown Royal in my desk drawer beckons…

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more whisky.

no ice.

maybe a side of cold ice water. maybe.

also, try pouring the whisky, then gently warming the snifter with a bic lighter. really opens it up.

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WhaT @robmandu said.

Unless it’s single malt, thwen I drink it neat or with ice.

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A very small ice cube. One.

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@robmandu: Crown royal ftw! I like it simply on the rocks. Ginger ale is probably your best option

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Crown Royal owns. So does Johnny Walker.

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Coffee. As in Irish Coffee. Yum yum!

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I usually skip my gastro-intestinal system and throw it straight into the urinal. That’s where it’ll end up anyway. So I don’t need any mixers. I take it straight.

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Whiskey sours. yum.

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Mostly I like it at room temperature and neat but sometimes with ice and cola.

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Lagavulin on the rocks or neat.

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splash of water, warm. for the first one so it doesnt overwhelm my tastebuds, all the rest warm, neat.

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I’ve only had whiskey as Irish coffee. It was good. :)

The last couple times I’ve had Irish coffee, it’s been coffee, milk, and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

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irish coffee is usually jameson and coffee – for a really good treat put whipped cream on it.. perfect sweet/cream ratio and the nice warmth of the jameson and coffee… oh so good.

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Diet Coke all the way. But I recently discovered that whiskey and water is a refreshing beverage, and it cuts down on the fire.

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Nothing improves the taste of whiskey. It was never my favourite tipple. Now gin, that is a drink (especially if it is Tanqueray).

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Neat or on ice, please. Really, really good whiskey is best left totally unadulterated—straight up. Glenlivet and all the other fine single-malt Scotch Whiskeys are among my favorite.

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Keep it simple, and ladylike: either nothing or diet coke.

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Straight out of a shot glass, down the hatch at once!

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nothing is ladylike about drinking straight wiskey… but it is pretty awesome to see a lady doing that!

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<< Is a lady. ;)

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Irish. Neat. With beer back.
@Lisa: Tom Jones?

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In China, where I live now, it is usually consumed with green tea. When I first arrived here, I thought it was disgusting and sacrilege, but now I’ve grown accustomed to it and actually prefer it. I’ve found I can’t stomach mixing it with any type of soda anymore—all that carbonation makes me ill, not to mention too much sugar. And I find much less occurrence of hangovers with the green tea.

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Though I generaly drink my vodka with gin.
Well, actually, thats a lie, I only do that when I’m playing catch-up!

Most people in England drink ‘JD & Coke’, only old people drink single malt, an then you have to sip it, or your a piss-head. Thats what my dad says anyhoo. What does he know the old fart!.......

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I just thought on, you mite try a depth charge, which I believe is usually a shot of port dropped into a pint of guinness, though it maybe more interesting to try it with wisky!

Go on, I DARE YA!.......

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car bombs, jager bombs are better than depth charge imo…. buttt its about the whiskey here. whiskey to me is a good winter drink, warms up the spirit!

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Warms up the spirit, or the spirit warms you up?

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Mmmm! Some Evan Williams with ice and cherry coke = happy me.

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Make mine a Jack Daniels neat with a Heineken.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities we missed you at RandomAss Radio.

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I usually drink single malt Scotch with nothing but a splash of warm water. Although I will also drink whisky in tea or coffee. I would never in a million years mix anything with coke. I hate the stuff.

@Pazza – Your dad is probably right about single-malt drinkers. I’m on the way to getting old.

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Soda—Dr Pepper or Coke.

I also like to drink it with chocolate-mint soda. We call it a chocolate-mint julep. It’s delightful. Just delightful.

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Wild Cherry PEPSI.

And thank you @jmah for the bottle of Crown that whipped my ass!

going back for round 2 tonight. i ain’t no quitter.

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@jmah Yeah sorry, I’m out of town this week. Next week I’ll be there for sure!

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@odali haha, the ladylike was for the DIET coke. ;).

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@Pazza Can’t it be both?

@onesecondregrets ohhh!

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@odali – Probably, but where I come from people are very particular about their drinkie names, for instance I call a shot of port with a blue wicked a silly vimto, whereas people in other areas insist on calling it a cheeky vimto. I mean really!........ Its just not cricket!

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Benadryl and bitterness.

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I don’t drink any more but I used to like whiskey and appletiser.

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Just a glass.

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@Zen_Again Clear thinking… at least for the first glass or two.

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Whiskey in a cocktail glass plus one ice cube.

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Ice? Noooo. Chilling whisky kills the flavours stone dead. Unless it’s a really cheap and nasty one in which case you probably want to do that.

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