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Is there a site where I can set up my own private chat room?

Asked by obetts (13points) March 7th, 2010

I would like to have students chat as they watch a movie or we have a discussion in class. I want to control who is in the chat room so no one outside of the class is there.

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Yahoo groups enables this. You would have to institute some safety controls so your students don’t roam unsafely.

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Campfire was used by Fluther before the built-in chatrooms. It had some small problems, but it could be a good solution for you. Definitely not free, though.

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You don’t have to download, either :)
Just click the “rooms” tab at the to of the homepage.

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You could use nicenet and create an online classroom, in which it is set up as more of a forum, where you set up threads, and students can respond. I use it and though the interface is unattractive, it’s simple. Just make sure not to go to It’s not nice.

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Hmm, maybe you should give Google Wave a try? It’s very cool for collaboration-type activities and discussions.

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Teen Second Life allows you to build an island that only you and your students can use. You have to go through a background check to get in as an educator, and it allows the students to build avatars and interact in a variety of different ways, including chat. However, the system requirements are pretty high.

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Google Wave is now open to everybody. And gggritso is right, it’s an awesome collaboration tool for co-workers and classmates. No need for an invite anymore, just have everybody visit to create their own free account. Collaboration is real-time like chat, but participants can view multiple threads in the same document. Very cool.

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