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Ahhh! HELP!!! My Calander app on my iPod touch is gone!!!

Asked by Rockey04 (35points) March 5th, 2008

no my iPod isn’t hacked
I want it back but I don’t want to restore and lose ok my data!!!

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Fluther has become an apple forum. I don’t know… But I’d ask on the apple site instead.

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did you just move the icon to another page in error

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that was weird
it is back now
it dissapeared and my other apps switched places
it wasn’t on any pages
after 20 min it reappeared on the 2nd page

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I know its on your Zune.

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how did you know?!?!?!

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lol that happened to me once! I just held down the power button and the home button at the same time and it reset and it was back. :) If that doesn’t work then you can connect it to iTunes and restore it.

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