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How much space is on my MacBook Pro?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) December 19th, 2010

I have a Mac Book Pro 10.5.8, and I’m planning to get an external hard drive to back up ALL my information, but first I’m guessing I need to see how much room is in this lap top so I can make sure I get an external Hard Drive that has just as much if not more….

Please help, and if I’m wrong please let me know…

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Click on your hard drive icon in Finder. From the File menu, choose “Get Info” (command I) and it will be listed in the window that appears.

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For an overkill (but aesthetically pleasing) view of your hard drive space, check out the demo for DaisyDisk. I’ve discovered a few GB hanging around my hard drive with that, so it might prolong your need for a new drive.

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GrandPerspective does a similar job and is free.

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I don’t use a Macintosh but this might work- open a terminal window and give the command: “du -h”

du stands for “disk usage” and shows the capacity and %used of each mounted drive. The -h switch makes it “human readable” so the display is in MiB or GiB instead of blocks.

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That is individual to the labtop. Even if you have identical harddrives or flashdrives , everyone’s usage is different. If you want to check to see what size hardrive came with the notebook you can look under system information, the bios etc. It is easy info to find.

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If it’s just to decide ‘how much space’ you should buy on an external drive, don’t even worry about it. If it’s the stock hard drive, i guarantee it isn’t 1 TB, and you can buy a TB external for a hundred bucks right now! So just splurge a little on the huge backup drive, and the size you are working with now will be a non issue!

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