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Is there a such thing as having a "Natural High"?

Asked by KurlZ (91points) March 8th, 2010

Sometimes I feel as if I could be high on drugs like weed but I know for a fact i’m not because it happens sometimes when i’m sober so i’m not really sure what it could be.

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Perhaps endorphins being released due to a healthy dose of exercise?

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Being at 38,000 feet altitude and flying at nearly 300 mph towards a lover would qualify as a “natural high”, I would think.

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Like a runner’s high? Oh man, those are great.
I get them when I’m running my horses too. It’s normal and it’s great.

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The night my first child was born was overwhelming.I seriously wanted to tell absolutely everbody I happened to see that night the great news.It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it again.Ahhhh kids, you gotta love em.

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Exercise, orgasm, sleeplessness, etc. Take your pick.

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Meditation, dancing, music making…. etc. Take your pick.

There are so many ways to get high. Most of them do not require you to ingest any substances. We have more control over our states of consciousness than we think.

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Yes, there are natural highs. Pay attention to what you have don’t prior to or during your natural highs. If you notice some healthy activity involved, then great. But a euphoria that can not be attributed to anything specific could also be a sign of bipolar disorder. Do you have unaccounted-for lows as well?

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@stump No usually when i’m sad or down it’s caused by something they’re not random moments like my “highs”.

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It’s nothing like drugs.

Also, there is far greater potential in natural highs than in drugs,
but I’ve never done heroin so I couldn’t comment about that.

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@KurlZ That is great. Be high:)

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@The_Idler if you haven’t done the drugs, then how can you make the claim?

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I was excepting heroin, because I haven’t done that… รต.O

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Depends on how illegal the activity is.

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Sure, I’m on one right now.

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High risk activities like snowboarding or rock climbing release endorphins that create a ‘high’ feeling. Also, as mentioned earlier, If you run for a long distance without breaks you can start feeling high because your body is trying to cover up how bad you should really feel after working your muscles that hard.

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Marijuana is natural. So yes.

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