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Does anyone an alternative name for step-up and step-down filters?

Asked by allergictoeverything (105points) March 8th, 2010

I’m looking into buying a couple of new lenses for my DSLR kit, and I’m aware that the most common filter sizes range from 52mm-77mm. But instead of buying filters for each size there is, I remember reading somewhere, that I should just get them all in 77mm, and buy step…-down (?) filters…Is it advisable for me to do this?? =S They say that vignetting would only occur if I were buy smaller filters and stick them on lenses with larger filter threads, but…there’s something about having to only buy one filter, to save a crapload of money that seems too good to be true…

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Oh. And the heading is supposed to read “Does anyone know an alternative name for step-up and step-down filters”.

I’m asking this because I’ve typed-in the words “step-up” and “step-down” in countless online camera stores search engines, but…I never retrieve any results =S

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They are called step-up rings

Here are more for sale

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i think i remember hearing somewhere that they’re called step-up adapters too. do you know if this is true? thanks, btw =)

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