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Is stupid to be afraid that my boss is back in town?

Asked by starshine (576points) March 8th, 2010

I got my job 4 months ago (approx.). My boss left on vacation 2 weeks later, and just got back tonight. So basically I don’t know him at all. I’m used to everyone else at work at this point, and I’m afraid to go back to work because I’m not used to my boss/the owner and I think it will feel like having a completely new job. The next time I work is Thursday. Should I act differently than I normally do, or just keep doing what I’m doing and try to get used to the new element?
I will be on my toes, what ever I do. I’m good at my job, it’s just that my boss is really sharp, where his son, who’s been in his place the last three and a half months is really soft spoken and relaxed. I am so nervous right now, I could probably start shaking if I thought about it hard enough. This seems like a huge overreaction to me, and I don’t why I’m acting like this.
What to do?

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Nope. I hate when my boss comes back in to work because we can’t slack off ;)

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If you’re doing your job right there is no reason to get apprehensive. Just be respectful of the man and acknowledge that the cat has arrived and all mice need to act their parts. Cut off the slacking and get-off fluther and all your social networking sites when on company time and resources.

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It’s alright to be nervous, but why exactly would you do anything different, unless you were doing something wrong in the first place? You already said you’re good at what you do so now isn’t the time to try and change how you do your job.

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@Vunessuh , Idk why I would do something different, probably out of nervousness. Which I am really nervous, because like I said, I don’t really know him, because during the two weeks he was there, I worked two days a week. We don’t know each other at all.

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@starshine Just keep doin’ watchu been doin’.
You’ll get to know him as time goes by and become more comfortable in the new environment.

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Abit of nervousness & apprehension is normal in a situation like this. As you correctly say the dynamic of your workplace will be different from what you’re used to. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Id recommend you keep doing what you’re doing, if you’ve won everyone else over, then I’m sure you will your boss…. he did, after all, hire you.

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Just act the way you have been doing. A bit of adrenaline is good for you. Things will be different when he returns, but if you are doing a good job then he won’t have any complaints.

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Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. If you can, initiate the first conversation with him, even if you have to go in and reintroduce yourself, and prepare an “elevator speech” (three or four sentences) about what you’ve been working on. Plan on coming in a little early and perhaps staying a little late until you get the hang of his style.

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Act confidently honey, smile, be respectful and just do your job. No one has the right to expect any more. Also, if you act confidently, pretty soon you’ll forget you’re acting and will do so for real :-) You’ll be fine sweetheart. The night before, lay out your clothes, make sure everything you need is arranged ready to use (make up, hairbrush sort your handbag etc) take a little time to fix your hair. I know it sounds silly but if you know you look your very best, and then project an air of confidence, its a winning combination and will impress all hell out of your new boss.
hugs honey xx

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You will be just about that?:)

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“I’m good at my job”
Then there is nothing to fear.

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As long as you’re not working for a mafia you should be okay.

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@mrentropy , not the mafia, just a crazy (adorable, old) little greek! hhahahaha. his son’s pretty cool, so he’s gotta have some good! He has a really thick accent is kind of hard to understand, though i’ve heard he can turn it on and off, and like to confuse everyone.
@bunnygrl , it doesn’t sound silly! i pretty much do that every week, anyway, :). I probably won’t need to make a speech about what I’ve been working on….I work at a restaurant so its kind of obvious what I’ve been working on. but I probably will have to re-introduce myself. There was a girl who worked there for over a year, and he didnt know who she was one day. it was kinda funny.

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LOL you’ll do great honey, I’m betting you’ll impress the socks off him and he’ll wonder how the place ever got along without you. Take things easy tomorrow, spoil yourself a little instead of worrying over it,
love and hugs

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So I went in tonight, and SO many things were going wrong! none of them were my fault, though so it wasn’t a big deal in terms of me and my boss getting along. I can understand him now(even through the thick accent!), which is surprising. We’re buds now. So that’s good. I’m happy. Thanks everyone for the encouragement!
Anyway, he is the most adorable old dude, ever.

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Good for you, @starshine :)

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