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What do you think your obituary will say about you?

Asked by Cruiser (40411points) March 9th, 2010

OK you kicked the bucket and it’s time to write that blurb in the newspaper. Sure you could leave behind some piece of BS about how great your life was…but what will the people you left behind really write about you??

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Was Lightlyseared, now well done.

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I couldn’t come up with anything original, so I took this quiz and here’s what it came up with:

“Rampagingly (King Kong style),
Vanessa died with an infected toenail.
Vanessa will be terribly missed by an easy bake oven.”

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“Dancing on her grave will commence at 2 pm. Bring your own beer”

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Gee @Vunessuh that quiz takes out all the suspense…now I have nothing left to look forward to…

Awaiting trial for lewd behavior, Cruiser died a hilarious death.

Cruiser will be terribly missed by a damp sponge they nicknamed leaky.

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@Cruiser Is that really what it said? Damn. I want to be missed by a sponge instead of an easy bake oven. I envy thou.

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See this is so hard for me. There’s the obituary that I dare not hope for, and there’s the obituary I tell myself so I won’t be disappointed if people really don’t give a shit about me. Not that I’ll know, being dead.

These aren’t obituaries—that would take too much work, but they are epitaphs:

Here lies Wundayatta—he held so much promise

Here lies Wundayatta—he gave so much

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@Vunessuh I am gonna be buried with my easy bake oven…I’ll leave you my sponge.

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Just the usually bland obit.Farmer, advovate of womens and gay rights. Parents professions, degrees earned, military career, my late wifes profession. No services, private burial, donations may be made to Womens Network.

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People in my culture don’t usually write obituary. “Everyone will eventually die someday,she’s just one of them,not special not extraordinary,just another common soul” if people want to write my obituary that’s what I want to hear from my obituary.

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I will show up on their doorstep as a ghost and “help” them come up with something other than limericks.

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I may have a ticket dispenser installed for those who wish to piss on my grave.

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Nothing. I am hopeful to live a good long life. Will probably be the last man standing.

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She loved us all a great deal.

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She is survived by her three sons who are currently serving as president, vice president and secretary of state. She taught them well it seems because as a group they have cured cancer, brought about world peace, and ended world hunger. She may not be missed but when they go, her boys will.

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I can only imagine.

“Here definnitelly lays Gayle. What a waist.”

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@gailcalled (shudders) At least they spelled your name right.

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@Vunessuh: Sorry but I had to ceaze the opportunity.

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@gailcalled You’ve been Fluthering too much!

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Unless I write it myself it will probably not meet my standards for punctuation, syntax, grammar and spelling. And if I do write it, then it will be edited to meet the first statement.

Hopefully, no one will notice—and the dorg will have gone first.

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Will be dearly missed blah blah…phone the cops if you ever find the body.


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Furnished apartment for rent.

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Simone was above all passionate and committed to helping others – she was a good mother and a loving partner. Ze wanted people to live freely and not impose their norms on those around them. And I think that’s what they will really write about me and the fact that I never backed down on what I believe in just because it was uncomfortable and I fought for them even if they hated me.

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He lived a healthful life and has now gone underground to provide the worms with a 10-year supply of organic food.

If George Romero hires him for his next movie, all pay should be sent to his surviving loved ones.

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That I am dead.

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Burial location and time is withheld to prevent widespread public pissing on his grave.

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What a relief that folks are not answering seriously!

I know I would troubled by it.

If it was full of praise or if it stated where and how much I failed!

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not leaving anyone behind,
so it will probably say nothing.

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It will say exactly what I wrote,except for date of death. I keep the facts upgraded regularly.

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Blue was an extremely private person who let a select few get to know her. She was full of passion. She loved literature, art, poetry, books, politics and never gave up learning as much as she could. We wish we had been given the opportunity to know more about her while she was alive rather than learning them from her writings. She was loved and now missed completely.

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BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH….......................May she rest in Peace. Now lets “have a drink ON HER”. Just what she would have wanted! The sound of laughter and no tears!

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Quietly in a modern art museum, Dr. Dredd died a tormented death.
Dr. Dredd will be terribly missed by Kid Rock.

Perfect! I hate the MOMA with a passion. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd rofl@missed by Kid Rock!

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Have him send my family a condolence card… :-)

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We’ll do!!!
CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS on your 5K!!! Must have just did it! (5013)

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Yup! Just this morning. Yay! :)

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Wow I can use this line on multiple questions today!

yippie kaye aye mother fucker

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For sale. One sock monkey, one set of dominoes and short string of barely used anal beads. She would like to thank you all for being here. Her last words were “Pppbbbssssttt”

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I am not really sure and this is something I’d rather not think about. :)

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