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Do you have any interesting recipes or ways to include honey in your diet?

Asked by Aethelwine (42732points) March 9th, 2010

My daughter’s pediatrician suggested she take a teaspoon a day of local honey. She has allergies and he said it would help her immune system.

She’s not very fond of taking it by the spoonful. Do you have any interesting ways that you like to eat your honey? We’ve tried toast, but I’m hoping for a few new suggestions and/or recipes. Thanks!

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Peanut butter and honey on toast. Butter and honey on toast. A cup of tea—preferably an herbal tea. In pumpkin pie. In squash. Anywhere you use sugar.

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I like to put honey on top of a bowl of cereal.

And, you can use Honey Nut Cheerios for double the honey points. Win.

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Add that into a glass of milk.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities That happens to be her favorite cereal. Why didn’t I think of that? duh, I feel so blond ;)

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I’m with @wundayatta, peanut butter & honey are great together. Honey in green tea, or other herbal teas. And my all-time favorite for honey, baklavah (made with honey & almonds), which is both good and bad for you at the same time, but so delicious!

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English muffins are good with honey. (English muffins are good with anything, really.)

You could add it to ice cream.

Or iced tea.

Or you can use it as a dipping sauce for pretzels or other snacks.

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I guess a flagon of mead would not be the way to go here.

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I’ll have what ^ he’s ^ having.

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Honey and some flaked almonds on oatmeal is good. I would forget the Honey Nut Cheerios. Ask yourself how the ingredients ended up as a small beige round ring.

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I don’t like honey, but a family member has bees so we are always well supplied. My kids liked it on vanilla ice cream and used it to sweeten tea. I use it when I bake ham and sometimes drizzle chicken with it before baking. It’s good to use in sauces like barbeque sauce too. Try mixing two parts Heinz 57 and one part honey, pour on chicken or pork chops, and bake. Very tastey.

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It’s great on vanilla ice cream as @thriftymaid suggested. Also mixed with cinnamon on toast. I’m also fond of my husband’s homebrewed mead, but that may not be appropriate for all ages. ;)

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Peanut butter and honey toast and hot tea, as already mentioned. It sounds good on ice cream, though!

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@nope Baklavah is soooo good

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how about creamed honey? will that work just the same? she can have it on toast or a muffin.

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Fruit tea with honey.

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Well I like to smear honey all over my lover’s…ooh wrong thread

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Whatever you do with it – to get the best effects, it has to be raw local honey.

That means, while it’s an excellent tea sweetener, the hot honey in the tea won’t give your daughter the beneficial effects. Adding it to her (cold) cereal, or ice cream, or toast would be a much better option.

The reason the honey works is that it gives your daughter small doses of the local pollens, so her body can build an immunity to it. Add heat, and it changes the chemical composition of the honey, so it doesn’t work the same.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That’s exactly what her pediatrician told us, and I went out the following day to buy some local honey. I didn’t know that about the heat though. Thank you so much for the information!

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One more thought here, related to eating honey cold, my kids love dipping apple slices into honey.

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“Honey pass me the chicken please, honey can you pass me the noodles…”
A way to include honey in your diet: :o)

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I am the self proclaimed honey goddess. So, here we go.
– dip french fries in honey
– put honey in oatmeal
– honey stickkssssss
– honey in tea
– honey (mix it with butter if you want) on biscuits
– honey mixed with peanut butter spread on apple slices
... I can think of more, but I am pretty positive I’m the only person who likes them.

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@Allie Please tell! I’m intrigued.

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@jonsblond I’ve put honey on a baked potato before. I’ll leave it at that.

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@Allie; What are honey stickkssssss?

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@gailcalled Sticks… with honey in them.

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