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What's a good bicycling jacket that does not look like a bicycling jacket?

Asked by AlexChoi (305points) March 9th, 2010

I want a jacket that’s good for chilli (40s F) or windy weather. However, it can’t look like a bike jacket (bright yellow, or have the typical look and feel of a bike jacket). Ideally it’d have the features of a bike jacket (venting zippers).

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A parka looks nothing like a bike jacket and the hood will accommodate most helmets.

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I got this jacket from Chrome, which looks like a normal jacket. It has reflective stripes on the back and cuffs plus venting zippers. I’m pretty happy with it. Sometimes I wear it when I’m not biking just because I like the way it looks/fits.

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@Cruiser… that’s a bit too heavy I think. Maybe a fishtail windbreaker, but a parka would probably make me sweat. (I’ve tried a pea coat and that almost always makes me sweat too much by the end of my ride).

@sferik Yeah, that’s the jacket I was looking at. However, last time I went to the chrome store they did not have any in stock. Perhaps I’ll call before I go next time (want to try it, before I buy it).

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Layers. Find a windbreaker that you like, and wear it over one of those synthetic-fleece sweaters.
40’s not cold, ya wuss! :P

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@Nullo True, it’s not actually that cold. I just wanted to give context. (I forget sometimes living in SF)

I also realized I spelled it “Chilli” not Chilly

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You can find what you need at Patagonia

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Not sure if you’re a guy or a girl, but I would recommend the Patagonia Capilene line of zip-up jackets.

For chilly spring mornings, a Capilene 3 for men or women will keep you warm and help with ventilation while you bike. Especially if you layer it with a Cap 2 thermal underneath.

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I like my Marmot Goretex pallisades jacket and pants.

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A flannel shirt. Or better yet, a chamois cloth shirt, preferably US made by Five Brothers. Layer wool under it. When it rains wear a cycling poncho and dress your bike in fenders. Get all of this for less than the price of a fancy sweat-tex, er Gore-Tex, cycling jacket that you wouldn’t wear anywhere else.

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@Jrome I like that recommendation, but I’m not much of a flannel guy.

@YARNLADY / @mcbealer After asking around / reading about Patagonia I’m leaning towards this or the Chrome Jacket @sferik recommended.

The Capilene 3 seems very practical… but I’m not a huge fan of the “partial” zipper nor the style.

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@AlexChoi ~ good choice!

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