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How would you feel if you were found on Fluther?

Asked by Sophief (6671points) March 10th, 2010

What would you do if an ex of yours or a family member found you on Fluther? Most of us have our picture as our avatar, so we that gives it away

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That could be rather awkward…. as quite a few of my questions touch on what a totally useless family I have. Thankfully there aren’t too many of my kind on this strangely small planet of yours.

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Well, I only have two exes, one of which I haven’t spoken to in years, so her opinion really doesn’t matter, and the other is still a very good friend of mine, so there isn’t anything on here she would be offended by.

About my family, there isn’t anything they haven’t already gotten offended by on facebook that I haven’t put on here, so I think I’d be in the clear.

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The only thing I would feel uncomfortable about would be if my mom read the question where I stated I would have been better off being raised by wolves. I’m pretty open and blunt with her though, and she’s pretty understanding, so even that wouldn’t be too bad. Beyond that, I haven’t said anything on here I wouldn’t say to an ex’s face.

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I wouldn’t like it. That’s why I wear a mask in public.

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I would be upset if my parents found me on here, they would know what a fucked up sex mad daughter they had. I would be shocked if my last ex found me, he would be mad that I told everyone he has a mushroom penis!

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@Dibley – your ex with the mushroom penis would be REALLY, REALLY, MAD! But what a great laugh you gave me this morning!

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@Dibley I would be shocked if my last ex found me, he would be mad that I told everyone he has a mushroom penis!

Haha I remember that post.

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@FutureMemory I remember that mushroom!

@autumn43 Pleased you got a laugh out of it, I had 6 years of it!

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@Dibley….......... A mushroom penis!!!!!! How did I miss that post?!

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Not a problem…I’m who I’m!

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@Cloverfield You didn’t, we spoke on it!

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@Dibley Oh yeh…! Hehehe.

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When I saw @BoBo1946 reply I at first thought he was coming to terms with his mushroom penis.

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@FutureMemory Poor @BoBo1946, it’s really not something to have to get used to.

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I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Why should I?

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I wouldn’t like it very much. It happened on another site and there was some conflict for awhile.

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I would do what I always do in tight situations….River Dance and play my Kazoo. Never fails to get me off the hook.

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@Cruiser I can see how that would take someones mind off the matter at hand…. bonkers :)

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I wouldn’t be happy. Thats why I use a username that my family doesn’t know, and I don’t use a photograph of myself.

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I’ve got nothing to hide…...
I’m sure some people wouldn’t be very happy about my answers, but I’m not going to hide who I am.

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Well, considering my wife sits about 3 feet away whenever we’re on line, I fail to see how this is a problem. : )

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I’m here, and if anyone I knew found me, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I won’t say anything here I wouldn’t say directly to their face, like it or not!

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It wouldn’t bother me.Not even if it was my mother in law ;

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This question puzzles me. Are there aspects of Fluther of which I am unaware??

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If you wanted to remain anonymous then why have your own image as your Avatar?

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My mom would kill me if she saw me asking questions like what to do with my love and the like as shes strictly opposed to schoolboy crushes and loves as it “interferes” with my education.

Fortunately, she is rather incompetent in English so no worries. But any number of my friends could be here and that could spell trouble for me :/

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I have a very limited Face Book account, but really don’t know how to use it. I made sure that no locational information is available for anyone to see. I definitely don’t want my ex husband to show up on my door.

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You do know that Fluther is in the google search domain. Don’t you?
If you google your name and fluther it will pop up. Anyone can see the recent questions and answers you posted. Filter by NSFW and you have enough ammunition to sink a battleship. Caution.

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Very few people know me in real life and I couldn’t care less what most of them think of me. I haven’t said anything on Fluther that I wouldn’t say F2F anyway (if not for the Aspergers Syndrome). The only thing that others would find surprising is how frank and outgoing I am here, I’m very quiet (even withdrawn) IRL.

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The rule of thumb I follow is refrain from saying anything online that would embarrass you or anyone you know should anyone discover who you are.

So I have no real concerns about anyone finding me online.

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When I am not answering in a humorous way, I try to be forthright and honest about my experiences, and those of people around me. Some of those people may not appreciate my candor here. I think that, as long as I am not listing names, it’s good to share these stories, so that others can avoid the recriminations.

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I’ve said some very mild things about my boss and I make a habit out of expressing how worthless my family is, so it would be pretty awkward if they were to find me on here.

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I tend to be vary candid about the terrible experiences my wife suffered before we met. I have her permission to do this. Before her passing, she would often tell me what to write. I would translate from her French, as Meghan was not fully confident with her English.

Other people that I mention by name in a public thread, I do so only in a positive way and with (I hope) sensitivity and respect.

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I wouldn’t really mind if most people I know “found” me on Fluther. The only person I can think of who would get upset with what I’ve written is my mother, because I’ve posted things about her that aren’t very nice. She probably has a borderline personality disorder, but since she refuses to see a therapist no one really knows. Oh, and my kids, but only because they are still young and a lot of the content here is not suited for children.

I babble to my husband about the same things I babble about here, so he would probably find my contributions redundant. He wouldn’t even be shocked at my admission to having a severe crush on Will Smith or seeming to be obsessed with Mr. Darcy.

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@FutureMemory & @Dibley loll you guys are just too cute!

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If they were going to be upset that I “put their dirty laundry out there,” I could only say that I was telling my truth as I saw it, otherwise, I’d tell them the same thing I said 8 years ago, which was that I was no longer interested in having a relationship with them, so good bye and good luck.

My biological relatives know how to find me, but they haven’t. My exes don’t know how to find me. It’s all good.

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Fluther is mine so I tend not to tell anyone about it…and those that I stupidly have told in the past I just hope and pray that they don’t visit…

if they did I would start from the beginning under an alias and let you all know who I really am!!

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Half my family is already part of the collective.

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This question is making me think some interesting things. Who knows what amongst my family and friends? Well, my family doesn’t know that I’m bipolar or that I have marital problems. Most of my friends don’t know that I’m bipolar or that I have marital problems, but I’m changing that slowly. My wife knows the general outlines of everything that I write here. Not in excruciating detail, like she would find if she were to look, but she really doesn’t want to know that, or so she’s said.

But what would happen if people were to find out? Would it be so bad? I think I feel the most shame in front of my family. For them I am a failure and I don’t really want to give them more ammunition for that. But there is little to lose if they do try to shame me further. I might lose a week’s vacation a year, and a few extra people at the dinner table at holidays. I would also lose a long car trip every time I went to visit them, and that would make life a lot easier.

The truth is that they’d probably lose more. They would lose access to their only grand children. So I doubt they would make much of a fuss. They might even pretend it didn’t exist. And, as I said, since they already think I’m a failure, they could hardly think worse of me. Still, I’d rather not have to deal with it, because I am still sensitive, and still hopeful that some day I’ll do something that will impress them; make them feel like it was worth the effort of bringing me up (other than giving them grandchildren).

As to my friends—well, they are my friends—sort of. They would accept me even though I am a major fuck-up. The only problem is that one of my friends is my brother’s significant other. So telling her would be like telling my family. In fact, it is a real problem not telling them what is going on with me. It comes between us.

So if any friend were to identify me, it would probably be a positive thing. If any family member were to identify me, it really couldn’t make things a whole lot worse. I still feel shame about my mistakes, and that reminds me of my feelings of worthlessness, but that’s just a thought. It’s not me. And it can’t really make me feel any worse. There is little reason now to care about what my family thinks. They would be too uncomfortable to talk about it anyway. It might even be funny to see them bottle it all up, knowing they probably want to talk, but telling themselves it is none of their business. Hoisted on their own petard!

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For the most-part it wouldn’t bother me, but I tend to ask question that relate directly to my life/the people around me, so it might be awkward.

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I would be FREE! FREE I TELL YA!

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I can see utilizing fluther as a place to understand emerging thoughts, feelings, and varying experiences that I am not ready to be transparent about in my face to face relationships. This being said, I don’t see fluther as a place to hold things that I never want known by anyone (that is what my brain and journal are for).

If someone discovers me on fluther my level of comfort may be challenged but it won’t be insurmountable. Anyone who knows me understands that I am a person of process and mutability, thus, anything I say is but a piece to a bigger puzzle.

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I would hate it, and kill myself.

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@Just_Justine – We all know. At least I do. That you are too smart for that. ;-)

Genius is a lonely town where it’s every man and woman for themselves.

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@ChazMaz aw! goats an all??hehe

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That is going to keep a smile on my face all day! LOL

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Everything I say here I say to anyone I meet, if necessary. I don’t reveal any more here than I do elsewhere.

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No biggy. but I’d prefer my family members not hang out with me. I converse enough with them as it is

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No big deal.

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My family has never really “found” me in real life. I doubt if they’d “find” me here, either. Some of y’all know me better already—just from what I write in these boxes—than they do, or could, or ever will.

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It depends on the person. It’s not like I’m giving away my name or other people’s names, though.

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Yeah that’s the only thing about ex’s knowing your on fluther…it becomes an outlet for them to see where you are in life and to ‘pounce’ back in it at any signs of vulnerability.

However, as anonymity is generally the consensus and for people to express what exactly is going on in their head it may be best to start a fluther account again. Think that may be my course if action…not got much fluther lurve to lose anyway lol :)

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I really wouldn’t mind too much.
I haven’t said anything that I’m afraid of my parents/friends/whatever finding out about. I don’t have anything to say that would embarrass me.

I don’t think I’d want my parents to become active members here though. That’s kind of weird.

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@Dibley and @FutureMemory talking about a mushroom penis! You have to see this…hilarious!

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I tell people about Fluther. Almost an intentional intent, to be “found”.

I even have given my profile name to others so then can peek into my “world”.

Does not seem to work. I guess, to each their own.

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@lucillelucillelucille I thought Lucille was your middle name?

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