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Where is the best site to sell books/textbooks online?

Asked by nimarka1 (942points) March 10th, 2010

I have many, many books from community college where I spend 4X as much on the books, than I originally did for the class. There are so many different websites to sell back your books; can someone recommend one for me?

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Just sell them on Amazon.

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Craigslist, local used book stores.

deni's avatar . i sell all mine on there. if you post them at the beginning of the semester they usually sell in a few days and its easy to ship them.

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…but with Amazon you have to have a credit card (which I don’t have) does anyone know of any others in the UK that are good… Does it cost you to list on – I’m interested in this too!

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@lynneblundell No it doesnt cost. You have to put in your checking account number but thats it.

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Powell’s Books will buy your books and pay for the shipping to them.

Sell us your books

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Http:// is by far the best site to use. I’m a senior in college and I’ve been using this site since my freshmen year of college. I was told about this site from a friend and i’ve been in love ever since. It searches all the online textbook retailers and rental sites then compares all the lowest prices to find you the best deal. I mean easy, effortless…so awesome. It found textbook retailers that I didnt even know existed but they were dirt cheap and the same thing goes for selling books. They found resellers for me that i didnt know existed and were able to get me top dollar. So i saved money and made money. Thats how it should be. lol.

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Agree with, these website is supposed to seller who willing to sell their books collections, free listing fees.

Anyway, as well as selling on Amazon, selling through require credit card. Credit card is an important payment method beside Paypal.

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