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Help me translate from Chinese to English, need a native speaker?

Asked by Lou (4points) March 10th, 2010




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Here’s what Hyperwords does for it:

“Got out of bed has wanted many, the time too to be few too. Wants again to live suddenly for a lifetime.Although lives well, this speech still said the mouth. The youth time did not think while youth’s time makes more interesting matters, estimated later can not be able happy to regret for the present.”

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Got up
Want too much, too little time.

Suddenly want to live their lives. Although getting along fine, these words still hold that the exported.

Youth or the youth felt that there is no time to take advantage of more interesting things to do, it is estimated the future will not be much love and regret for the present bar.

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Thought it might be interesting to compare Altavista’s translation to Hyperwords:

“Got out of bed has wanted many, the time to be too few too. Wants suddenly again many exactly for a lifetime. Although lives well, these words still said the mouth. The youthful days did not think while youth’s time does more interesting matters, estimated that later will not be able happy to regret for the present. ”

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The sentences don’t make a lot of sense, but here is what they say:
I got up,
I want too many things, not enough time
Suddenly I want to live another life. Even though I am living quite well, I still say this.
When I was young, I knew that If I didn’t do anything interesting in my childhood, then later, I will regret more because I cannot live happily right now.
This was translated by me and my Chinese roommate.

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Very cool! Just returned fron 2 weeks In Taipei Taiwan….man…what I wouldn’t give to know Mandarin better!

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okay I wanna try this one:

I got up, too little time for too many things.
In a sudden I just want to to live another life. Although i’m living my life quite well, I still have to say this.
I realized that I didn’t do interesting things as many as possible when I was young, and perhaps I will continue to regret as I’m getting older for not doing what I always want.

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