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How would I go about moving my iTunes library over to an external HD?

Asked by Seth (302points) March 10th, 2010

My iTunes library uses up about a half of my iMac’s hard drive, hence my desire to move it. I have a nice big external hard drive available… I’m just not quite sure how to move my library over. Not just my Music, but also my Movies and TV Shows. Anybody with any experience on this? (This question really makes feel quite noob-esq. :P)

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Copy your Music/iTunes folder to the external drive. Then point ITunes to that folder. iTunes—> Preferences—> Advanced Pic

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@johnpowell is right, just copy the main folders over to the hard drive, and make sure that all the stuff copied over before you delete it off your computer, also you dont want the risk of having to relocate everything, so keep all the names and folders in the same, and in the same spot.

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That’s what I thought… I just wasn’t sure if that would also include my iTunes movie collection.

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It will if you just copy everything in the main iTunes folder, also don’t get scared if you don’t see your audio books, or your TV shows, they are located in your music folder.

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