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how do you take video with iphone? Also how do you zoom in when taking a picture?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2573points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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You can’t

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You can’t take videos with the iphone. As for zooming in you could try moving the phone closer to the subject.

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if u jailbreak ur iPhone use showtime native app for video on iPhone. There is also camera pro for iphone with zoom and a timer and other features!!!! Yea!!!! :)

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so this four hundred dollar cell phone cant record video or zoom in?? My old phone could do that it was a samsung blast

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Yes you can take Video and Yes you can Zoom in while taking a picture, however; you need to have the “Installer” on your iPhone to install the programs.

For Zooming and adjusting colors, go to installer, click all packages, and scroll down to “Camera Pro”

For Video Recording, go to installer, click all packages, and scroll down to “Showtime” this will let you take videos…

Have Fun…

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where is the “installer” in applications?

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