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If you feel like you are under verbal attack how do you stop it?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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If you can’t verbally retaliate, you should try getting physical.

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walk away. You don’t need to get physical, that won’t help in the end… Just feel good at the time. Take a deep breath and say your better than that.

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Consider what you did to provoke it, and stop doing that.

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“I guess you’re right.” And walk away.

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Begin the non-verbal attack.

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Attempt to divert the attack into meaningful conversation.
Ascertain the points of the attacker, in regards to what the attack is focused on.
If the attacker refuses to share or have any points to discuss then move on.
The problem lies within the attacker. Their attack is out of fear that their world’s falling apart. Rather than embrace discussion and become more aware of the world around them. They choose to ignore the possibility that their understanding may be flawed or incomplete. In this case any interaction with this person would be fruitless.
Since everyone’s understanding is incomplete they are in denial.
Continuing to attempt to reason with someone in denial is just returning the verbal attack. Pointless. If you argue with a fool people begin to wonder who the fool is.

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Read the Bible.. The answer is in there.

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The best way would be to ignore it. Don’t fight back. This person may thrive on conflict.

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Walk away and end it. The attacker probably thrives on the banter back and forth.
Cut them off in mid-sentance and ignore them.

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pretend it does not bother you

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