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Is this justice?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) March 11th, 2010

Two immigrants ran a tobacco outlet store for two years. they cheated on their business taxes to the government, to the tune of $90,000.00 dollars. they both were arrested and given probation, without restitution. where was the justice is this case? given probation and no restitution? these two scammed the government of all that money…..and got away with it. what the…........!

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where was this?

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Is this about tax fraud or about immigrants because plenty of American citizens commit tax fraud and get off scott free.
They’re called bankers.

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Oh, brother.

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No thats not justice

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Seriously, the illegal immigrant stuff is getting really old.

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This occurred in Nashville, Tn. at a Tobacco Shop on Hillsoboro Road.

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And AIG gets no mention because they’re Americans?
They’ve stolen more money from you than Mexicans have.

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I stopped giving a shit about your question when you decided it was necessary to point out that they’re immigrants.

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@nikipedia I’m over it, too.

@john65pennington enough already.

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illegals we should punish at the highest law. im tired of hearing about them getting away with everything!!!

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@Likeradar he’s made comments in the past that were just as bad. But, he keeps on going..

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@jjmah I know it. the rest removed by me, but not because it’s not true.

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Personal comments or what!

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It looks like they may have been legal immigrants. They may have still had to pay the back taxes with interest. Illegal was not mentioned in the original question.

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We get it. When I read this question I knew it was going to be about immigrants. Do you have a beef with white people that pay immigrants under the table?

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@john65pennington So sad for @john65pennington that this question isn’t even about an immigration issue, but he felt like he had to throw it in there.


I’m sure that there are many white-collared, upper-class American-born citizens who cheat on their taxes too, and in many cases, even worse! Lol.

Immigrants or not, citizens of this country must abide by its laws and pay taxes. If they don’t, they should be duly punished. Those two got off too easy.

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Xenophobia at its finest.


In defense of john65pennington, I think he was merely stating the facts given in the case——mentioning “two immigrants” was not intentionally racist on his part, it was only a descriptor that was part of the facts given in the case. For example, a news story might report “Two women were arrested for spray painting a synagogue in Vancouver…” The fact that it mentioned “two women” doesn’t mean the writer is necessarily sexist by saying that the culprits were women, but merely he was being factual. That is, the individuals involved were women.

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@MRSHINYSHOES :: It goes back to his posting history. 95 percent of his questions involve immigrants. And he only bitches about the brown ones.

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If this was an isolated question id agree with Shinyshoes but this is a repetitive pattern of questions appearing here that is intended to express frustration against immigrants as though they were to blame for all the woes in America. A convenient scapegoat but a wholly incorrect assumption based upon fear.

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@johnpowell I second that wtf. O_o

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@john65pennington is right about most of us not being able to tell the difference in the facial features of someone from from Mexico and someone from a Muslim country. Why are you all so upset about that? Sounds a perfect plan to me. Maybe an anthropologist could tell at a glance.

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If you think that getting a break is the providence of immigrants, I can assure you that it is not. This case sucked. They got off scott free and it is wrong. You cannot tell me that non immigrants do not get a pass, that immigrants have it any better.

I am an immigrant, coming here in 1969 with my father, naturalized since. So, I would fall under the criteria of your question because your immigrant questions always involve non white immigrants. I am not white, which is the immigrants you bitch about… I am not your flavor du jour of brown to target but I am still of a brown ethnicity. The timeline of my arrival is not the one you bitch about.. Also, I am a citizen which does not usually enter into your equation. In this question, you are including legal and naturalized immigrants because you did not specify illegal.

But, you are harping on immigrants and that is me. I can also testify that my father, also obviously an immigrant, did not get breaks because of being an immigrant. I have friends who are immigrants… they do not get breaks because of it.

I can assure you that I have never been given more of a break than any other American.

I also have not noticed any higher percentage of more recent immigrants getting a break than non immigrants.

There is also extreme anti immigrant bias these days which has even touched on me to a degree. Your pattern of anti immigrant (illegal or not) is rather obvious.

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No justice there, but then the system’s a bit off-kilter in places.

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Regarding what @johnpowell said, I can tell the difference in looks between a Mexican national and a Middle Eastern person. I am specifying Mexican national because there are many different Hispanic peoples.

The only way they look alike is they have brown skin.

Now I cannot identify a terrorist because who knows what skin color they have.

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And back to the original question, Of course this is justice. obviously a deal of some sort was made. If you have a problem with the way justice is meted out in the USA, you should move to China or Russia or just about anywhere else on Earth and take your chances with those justice systems.
I will take good old American Justice any day.
And it is nice to see that our Justice system works for immigrants, too.

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It is because they are immigrants. They get everything they want and more.

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Plenty of people of all colors get away with punishment less than what they deserve, and plenty of people of all colors are punished more severely than they deserve. It depends on judges, juries, and how good a lawyer you can afford.

And to the people getting butthurt because he pointed out they were immigrants (in a clear trolling attempt) I can’t count the number of times on fluther where people feel the need to clarify that they’re talking about a white person even when it has no relevance to the question.

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Were these immigrants white people? That changes everything.

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self edited

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Likeradar…..........i did not pick this story to air, because they were immigrants(not illegal immigrants). i did not make these two individuals cheat the government. i did pick this story because it occured in my city and it concerned me. i also did not add the word immigrants to the story, the article did and i was just repeating it. please know all the facts before you make another idiot of yourself.

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@john65pennington Of course, I’m the only one who recognizes and calls you out on your obvious bias.~
You didn’t even mention the city in which this occurred until directly asked. I assume the article mentioned the gender of the people. You didn’t feel that was important to include- but the fact that they are immigrants was important to you. Don’t give me that just reporting the news crap. Your bias is obvious and your defensiveness towards me is transparent.

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@john65pennington You said: i did not pick this story to air, because they were immigrants(not illegal immigrants)


If you did not pick this story to air because they were immigrants, why mention it in your question? A crime is a crime. If their immigrant status was not important you would not have included it. You left out other things but included “immigrant.”

Your bias has always shown. This is the first time I have seen you lie about it.

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i also did not add the word immigrants to the story, the article did and i was just repeating it. please know all the facts before you make another idiot of yourself.

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@davidbetterman The word immigrant is in the question itself. He did not include the entire article.

He asked what he thought was pertinent to the question. If he is asking about the crime itself, why is the word “immigrant” important?

Other than that the perpetrator was an immigrant, how is the question, as written, different than this version:

Two people ran a tobacco outlet store for two years. they cheated on their business taxes to the government, to the tune of $90,000.00 dollars. they both were arrested and given probation, without restitution. where was the justice is this case? given probation and no restitution? these two scammed the government of all that money…..and got away with it. what the…........!

That version is asking about a crime only, not the status of the criminals. How does “immigrant” impact the criminal act, if it is the crime only that we are discussing?

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Are you saying @john65pennington has a problem in re immigrants and other visitors to the USA?
Why, that would be incredibly poor judgment in someone working as a police officer.
He is a cop, is he not?

This is just too unbelievable for words.

If this is true, john65pennington, you should quit the police force immediately. And you should go back and apologize to every person whom you slighted and/or incarcerated illegally due to your racism and prejudice. You are an example of everything that is wrong with effing cops.

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@davidbetterman Yes re immigrants. I do not know about non immigrant visitors.

Why should he quit his job? Why would his bias necessarily impact his job performance in any way? If he can do his job without letting his bias affect him, I could not care less and, with his time on the force, I would guess that is a “yes” to seperating work from opinion. You are saying that someone cannot do a job without letting personal opinion affect that job. I can take care of patients that I cannot stand and they do not know it nor does it impact my job performance. Are you unable to separate personal bias/preference/etc. from your job performance?

Work is work, opinion is opinion for most of us.

Your last paragraph was just plain stupid.

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Stupid is as stupid does.

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davidbettermen, if you can’t take the heat, then leave the kitchen. you apparently do not like the police and i can understand why, based on your profanity. Fluther is just one persons opinion over another and you and i both have this right. did i or have i ever downed you? no. is this a personal attack? i think so. by the way, if this is your avatar, you need a haircut. how did that feel?

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You cannot cut a jellyfish’s hair, John. I take the heat all the time, and remain quite firmly in the kitchen. I understand that it isn’t really your fault, nor any cop’s fault that he really couldn’t get a better job.
There was never any personal attack here. If you are prejudiced against immigrants, and you constantly are involved with same on your job, than you should quit. It is not a good thing to be enforcing laws when you are negatively impacted by the alleged perp’s background.
You know this, too.

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Everyone should be subject to our laws.
The problem is that many people who immigrant to the USA Hide money in bank accounts in their native country. To avoid paying taxes.
People have told me this and It makes me very uncomfortable.
Some of them have been Coworkers I liked. I do not respect people that do this.
I am not sure why someone would tell me this.

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