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AVG sent me an email, stating my license will expire in 57 days. whats this all about?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 19th, 2010

In 2009, i purchased a new AVG Aniti-virus CD at WalMart. it has been installed on my computer for almost a year. once a week, i run a computer scan for viruses. today, i received an email from AVG stating that my AVG license will expire in 57 days. i was not aware that i had a license with AVG. is this a scam to make me purchase another AVG Aniti-virus CD?

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Most anti-virus software you have to renew yearly. You should be able to do this online rather than going out and buying a new c.d. Here’s their website.

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That has been the way that all anti-virus companies continue to monetize their products for many years. Look for some free ones, and don’t renew, or if your ethics allow, steal a cracked one from a torrent site.

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dpworkin, not a thief here. thats against the law. i just keep WalMart in business.

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You purchased a premium AVG antivirus software which needs to be renewed annually in order for the program to get updated/periodic virus definition database updates.. You can opt to get the AVG 9.0 FREE Version that you can download online from their website. The Free version is adequate for typical PC use offering antivirus and anti spyware protection. Your paid version has, in addition to the priorly stated features, Firewall Protection, Identity Protection and Safe Downloads. Its for you to decide whether the additional feature is worth the subscription fee. Personally, I use the AVG Free version in conjunction with SpyBot S&D actively and Malwarebytes as an inactive program (all free).

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@njnyjobs – Just the same as what I use!!!

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I second @njnyjobs . I used AVG Free and SpyBot S&D. They are free. I do not bother with the added “up” options that are included with the paid versions.
Identity theft protection? To use it, you have to enter all your personal info so it can check if you are sending it out. No way.

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Thanks everyone. now, AVG tells me that i have to produce a license number, in order to update my protection. i have the box and everything that came with the original purchase. there is no license number anywhere in or around this box or inside it. i think they left it out at the factory. anyway, i have an AVG tech. thats attempting to asist me. thanks.

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@john65pennington I had that problem (no license number on box, disc anywhere) when I bought McAfee antivirus from amazon and had to return it a while ago. As other jellies have said above the AVG free software is perfectly fine and does the job its supposed to and is perfectly legal since its supplied by the company via their website here:

Are you running windows on a pc or do you have a mac? I have a windows pc and am currently running Microsoft Security Essentials (microsoft’s own programme) which is really good and automatically updates itself too, also its free and you can find it here:
I’ve been running it for a few months now and its been great, automatically does regular scans for you etc.
hugs xx
ps: there is a page about free software here with lots of info and addresses:

edit: just occurred to me that addys above may be for UK but there will be an option on the pages (there defintely is on the microsoft one) to change to another location. hugs xx

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bunnygrl, thanks for the info. i finally reached the site and entered the license number given me. they tell me now that i have to pay $51.00 to renew my license. is this normal? what if i go past the renewal date and not pay the $51.00? will AVG take back my protection? i never had this problem with Norton Anti-virus, so is this new or what?

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These companies really do scam folk nowadays I think. When you go past the end date your software will stop updating itself is all. Honestly you don’t need to pay for these programmes anymore, and companies play on our fears to make us part with our hard earned cash. The free version will do the job just as well.

Remember these free programmes are licensed (so perfectly legal) in just the same way, you agree to your terms etc when you download them. Just standard things like you’re only going to use the programme on one computer etc, nothing to worry about exactly the same as the terms that come with the boxed version.

I tried a couple and decided on the microsoft version because there is support via the website. Its been a few months now and so far I’m very happy with it.
hugs xx

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