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Do you know of any MP3 players that support bluetooth?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) March 12th, 2010

I usually listen to music through my phone, using a nice pair of bluetooth headphones. However, all the other music features on the phone are horrible. I want to keep using the headphones, but I’d like to find a full-fledged mp3 player instead of using the built in feature on my phone. Do you know of any good ones that are less than $100 that support bluetooth?

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Samsung – P3 32GB* MP3 Player
Philips SA2446BT/37 4 GB Flash Audio MP3 Player with Bluetooth

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Hard to find under $100, this might be a great deal (I would look for reviews before buying)

Haier® Rhapsody® ibiza™ 30GB Wi-Fi Media Player (Blue)
Model: H1A030BL | Catalog #: 55031838

Here’s a bluetooth transmitter to plug into the headphone jack of any MP3 player
Miccus BBMJ-02 BluBridge Mini-Jack

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You can buy a used iphone or ipod touch on craigslist for ~150–200

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